Screen Prints

Barefoot Gallery

I enjoy visiting art galleries whenever I have the time. One of the best in town happens to be the Barefoot Gallery. Lucky for me, I get invited to press conferences with the exhibiting artist as well as exhibition launches every month. Currently the exhibits are by Nelun Harasgama.

Close up of some of the prints

Screen printing sounds like a long process but Nelun admits it really isn’t. Her work isn’t inspired by anyone or anything. She herself describes them as newsflashes.  The titles given to each print of oil on canvas lean towards morbid but Nelun says she wants it to be blasé. So be it!

More of her work

Moringa Cream Body Scrub

Body Shop - Moringa Cream Body Scrub

Why I love it:

Works great as an exfoliator and moisturiser
Includes the nourishment of moringa seed oil
Fresh fragrance
Easy use
Leaves the skin looking new and feeling fresh

I can see why many love this cream body scrub but the tough part is, its not readily available everywhere. I simply love the fragrance that lingers after using it for hours at a time. The grainy feeling is an added bonus for me because I know my body will get the right amount of exfoliating it needs. It’s not too rough on the skin; its creamy texture saves the day. Sadly I don’t like the size of it cuz it looks like it could be over with a couple of uses. I’m going to have to use this very sparingly.


New purchase!

I can’t help myself when I go to a new store. There’s almost always something good enough to purchase right away and I hate missed opportunities so I make a quick grab before someone else beats me to it.

My mother in law and I were invited to the opening of a new boutique store by the name of Aszai Studios. The store is located at No. 3 Sulaiman Terrace, Colombo 5. The building was earlier a salon so is quite spacious and has little alcoves perfect for diving sections and branching out the products inside. 

The interior design was fabulous, complete with intricate carvings on wood, lush sofas and detailed wall art

Sections inside the store include an interior section which includes home ware and bedding items. The selection of shalwars and kurtas were extensive and colourful. Pashmina shawls included, a small section is divided for lawn shalwar fabric sets. The saree and jewellery section was my favourite – exquisite and one of a kind designed jewellery is hard to come across and then there was the gorgeous six yards of fabric is vibrant and bold hues. I simply loved it.

I ended up purchase one of the first items that caught my eye – a silk like soft kurta that hangs below my knee with embroidery at the front and beautiful designs on the back.  I can’t wait to pair it with black leggings on a night out with my husband 🙂

My latest purchase

So… what’d you think?

Red haute!

My look for today

What I’m wearing:

My favourite NYX Colour Lip Balm in Grazie
Christian Dior black eyeliner
Shirt like tunic from Odel
Purple shawl from a store in India

I’ve tied up my hair into a bun simply because the heat in Colombo is a little unbearable at the moment. 

Cheers!  Xoxo

Pinks today

Favourite pinks

Going for pinks today in this picture – I realized I’ve not got that many to be quite honest.

What I’ve included:

My favourite fuchsia pink shawl from Westside, India
Pink bead earrings from Odel
Rose Gold blush by L’Oréal
A bright pink studded hair pin
My black and pink cosmetic case
Night Blooming Jasmine body lotion that I absolutely LOVE
High Shine lip gloss by Elizabeth Arden in Rose Gold as well
L’Oréal Colour Riche Balm in Heavenly Berry
Wet & Wild Mega Shield lip colour in It’s A Girl
And finally an eyeshadow palette by Elizabeth Arden that includes an amazing Golden Apple shadow

Will review each makeup item in time to come 🙂


As a Leo, I’m a natural avid reader. No I’m not a huge fan of Stephan King or Jeffrey Archer but I’m more a softie when it comes to books I choose to read. I adore every book I own written by Nora Roberts and I’m beginning to also love the stories that make up those by Jodi Picoult. If you must know, I also LOVE Dan Brown’s book and the character Myron Bolitar in some of the books by Harlan Coben.

Yes, why can't I???
Yes, why can’t I???

Here are a list of my some of the top favourites:

Carnal Innocence by Nora Roberts
P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern
House Rules by Jodi Picoult
A Married Man by Catherine Alliot
A Kingdom in Heaven by Judith McNaught
Eat. Pray. Love. by Elizabeth Gilbert
Be Careful What You Wish For by Alexandra Potter
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
Last Man Standing by David Baldacci
Final Detail by Harlan Coben
Helen of Troy by Margaret George

Happy Reading! ❤

Love for Lavender ♡

I love the colour lilac and the fragrance of lavender. The colour made it to my wedding theme as well and it came as no surprise when one of my besties gifted me a lovely bath and body set in Lavender!

Lavender gift set

The gift set came in a sort of bucket shaped tin and was neatly places at the top. The set includes a body cream, soap bar, a soft flannel, body wash, body polish and bath crystals. 

Closer look at the gift set

What I also love about the gift set is the lovely aroma. Its not too overpowering but is quite distinct in its own way.


The body polish is meant to be massaged onto the body and followed by the hydrating body cream or body butter to achieve besr effect. Its got a slightly watery texture to it so its massages on gently and feels really soft. The fragrance on this one is very light and airy. Bath salts and crystals are a favourite and this one is just fabulous. It includes essential oils that are for calming the mind and body. For the best experience, low lighting and relaxing music playing in the background is more than ideal. The crystals work best in warm water. The body wash is also quite light and effective, gently cleanses and leaves the skin feeling refreshed. I’m not a fan of soap bars but this one is rich and creamy, cleanses and also moisturises the skin. The body cream was a bit of a let down because it was more like a lotion rather than a cream. Texture really didn’t live up to the expectations. Overall however the gift set is great and I love indulging and pampering myself with the little products every once in a while.