Has anyone tried the body soufflés?

I want your opinions about the new range of body soufflés by Bath and Body Works. The range includes four fragrances – wild iris and honey, almond and honey, apricot and honey, and lavender and honey.

Apricot the honey
Wild iris and honey
Lavender and honey
Almond and honey

I’m thinking about getting the lavender and honey!  ♡

Golden black clutch

I got myself a load of clutches before I got married and I wanted to share one of my favourites with you all.


I got it while shopping in India for my trousseau and it was certainly a great buy. The black is of velvet and the gold is mostly of a raw silk texture. I love the combination and I mostly pair it with one or two of my rich shalwars and sarees.

The inside has but one pocket for holding my keys and ID. Space is not something you’ll get from most ethnic clutches so this one just has enough space to hold my mobile phone, nothing more.

I still consider it one of my favourites though! 


Clutching on

Debuted a new clutch bag over the holiday season here in Sri Lanka. I’ve owned it for some years (YES years!) and never took the opportunity to wear it at any point in my life for some odd reason. But time was up and so I made good use of it. Take a look 🙂

Raw silk clutch bag

It’s larger than a typical clutch bag and I love that its not justa single colour toned one. The fuchsia, sea blue and orange tone allow me to wear it along with an array of clothes and I consciously don’t need to do any matching. 

Its got just one inner pocket which is ideal for my compact mirror, lip balm and eye liner. It’s also got these metal circular bar holders instead of cloth straps or something which gives it a classy look on the whole. I didn’t carry too many other things in my bag so size wise, this did me justice.

Happy Good Friday! ♡


I ordered a huge lot of lipsticks and lip balm – still trying them out on by one and I wanted to show you guys how the NYX Cosmetics’ Soft Matte Lip Creams looked like. So I got them in Milan and Prague. From the outer look Milan looked almost peachy with rosy hints and Prague a more deep rose but on my lips the outcome was a bit different altogether. 

How they look on my lips

While Milan looked a pinkish matte cream, Prague came across looking almost like a hot pink. No regrets however;  I love them both!

The texture is simply amazing and I love the creamy effect even while applying. The brush makes it a whole lot easy to get along the creases of the lips and for retouching. I had them on before dinner last night and lunch this afternoon and I must say, they don’t fade that easy. YAY!

For just $6 I’ll be getting myself some more of these!

Happy Sinhala and Tamil New Year!

Fun and games

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Sinhala and Tamil New Year! Club Bentota hosted a couple of fun games for all the guests and here are some snap shots of what took place.

First up was the game that involves blind folding the person playing and that person having to break one of the three clay pots hung from a thread above.

The kids were able to participate too by playing a game that involved blowing up a balloon. The first person to pop the balloon wins. The sack race, lime and spoon race and pillow fights were also included. 

Afterwards my family and I took a half an hour speed boat ride!

The view from the boat

It was a gorgeous day indeed and a hell of a lot of fun!