Mini Mago Inc.

Miniature treats
Miniature treats

I’ve not been a huge fan of doll houses because I always felt like my Barbie dolls couldn’t necessarily fit in right. But the minute I saw these miniature accessories and other custom-made miniature items, I fell in love with the miniature world. Mini Mago Inc is a company started by Trudi Malalgoda Amadoru who currently resides in Colombo, Sri Lanka. What kicked off as a hobby is now a full-fledged business for her and she creates just about anything and everything in miniature form.

I’m self-taught and I would love to find a place where I can learn about making miniatures, if I could. Everything I know, I know from experience. I normally use a 1:12 scale when making miniatures. I can make quite a wide range of things, provided I have enough time to make it

How about a game of golf?
How about a game of golf?

When making a miniature most people would think it would be easy. The truth is the smaller an item is the harder it is to perfect it and to make it look realistic. Another frustrating part is when I have to make a pair of some item. Since I don’t have any moulds, getting the second to look just like the first item can be quite a feat. My experience has taught me however how to make them and how to get the colours right. Most of my day I spend making miniatures and finishing up orders.

One can find most of her miniature creations on her Facebook page as well as her website. From miniature doll houses to book ends, food to ceramics, drinks to magazines, gardening tools to desserts, household items to sports equipment the choices are endless really. She creates them out of polymer clay and also uses small items like toothpicks and clay tools to create everything she makes.

Oooh minis!
Oooh minis!


Most of the quotes on this post are from this interview conducted by Ceylon Today newspapers.

Vroom  vroom
Vroom vroom

Pix courtesy Mini Mago Inc.



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