Chocolates review


Yes, as weird as this topic might sound I am talking about chocolates in my post today. My husband and I headed over to Coffee Stop, Cinnamon Grand and thought we’d give some of the in-house made chocolates a try. We’ve frequented this cafe so many times but never really gave the chocolates much thought until very recently.

I have to admit the choice of flavours could do with a couple more but hey, I ain’t complaining because the flavours currently available are totally amazing. So we got a box of nine and decided to get four different flavours. Our most favourite is mint so we got three of those and then two each of the strawberry marzipan, chocolate crispy and hazelnut cream. The mint flavour one is actually a tad overwhelming at first bite but then settles in after a couple of bites. My new current favourite however has to be the strawberry marzipan. I am not even a fan of anything marzipan but I have no idea what made me go for it, but trust me I am super happy I chose two of those because I downed them like hot cakes! They are simply amazing and the marzipan flavour is actually quite subtle. The hazelnut cream one was very basic so I’d give it a casual thumbs up. Lastly, the crispy one was also a good choice on my part and I would definitely recommend you give it a try as well.

Overall, my husband and I were pretty content with our selections. I was more than thrilled about how amazing the strawberry marzipan chocolate one was. I would definitely go back just to have that one a couple more times. And for about Rs. 80+ each, I’d say they are well worth their price.

Xoxo 🙂

Whiskey Beach book review

By Nora Roberts
By Nora Roberts


Now for those who are die-hard Nora Roberts fans, this might be a slight disappointment, but let me reconfirm and say again, very slightly.

Like almost every book of hers, you’ll meet the so-called complicated main character, man or woman (man in this case) going through something rough in his or her life. The to-be lover and soul mate sometimes leads a similar complicated or breezy life and their lives join to create a better world at the end of the book.

Eli Landon has weathered an intense year of public scrutiny and police investigation after being accused of murdering his then soon-to-be ex-wife. Mind you, she was having an affair with a married man but to hell with that when all the so-called evidence points at poor ol’ Landon. And though there was never enough evidence to have him arrested, his reputation is in tatters as well as his soul. He need sanctuary. He needs time away from the public eye. He needs Bluff House (located at Whiskey Beach).

Throughout his time in finding his peace, getting to work on a fiction novel and gathering up pieces of his life, his life becomes entwined with Abra Walsh, who often comes in and stands in as his housekeeper. She is a woman with an open heart and a wide embrace, a woman who juggles more jobs that an actual human being can (I swear!) and no one is safe from her special, some would say over-bearing, brand of nurturing – including Eli. Now, I must admit her over-bearing-ness was more than a bit irritating for me. If I had someone as nurturing as her in my life, I’d probably have given her a good shelling and asked to be left alone to rebuilt. But of course in this novel we have to simply go with the flow and read on as Landon becomes comfortable or rather simply accepts her as she is.

Walsh has a bit of complications of her own but that doesn’t come into light until almost towards the end of the book. I however like the fact that there are other complications in the midst of trying to find out who actually committed the murder. You’ll have plenty of fingers to point at wrong suspects and you will be surprised at who it turns out to be.

You’ll also find the setting and scenery a fresh one and something that will lead you to turning more pages. Landon’s growth from beginning to end is something you’ll find quite satisfying as well. If you are looking for a cosy romantic suspense novel, give this one a read 🙂

Favourite vintage earrings

This weekend I thought I’d arrange my jewellery organizer (particularly the one that holds my earrings). I know I haven’t done anything of this sort before so I thought I’ll feature some of my favourite vintage earrings in one post. Hope you all like it!

Starfish earrings!
Starfish earrings!


This is a pair I bought online and I absolutely love. I actually had forgotten about this cute pair until a few days when I was looking for a small pouch and found this pair inside. I can’t believe I forgot all about it because a few years these were the only pairs I’d wear on a regular basis but oh well, I’m glad I found them anyways. They are exactly how starfish are, with the grainy texture and all that and work well with most of my basic every day looks which is why I wore them pretty much all the time.


Dressy pair
Dressy pair




Now this is a pair I got at Forever21, in New York two years ago. I still love it because it has a timeless look to it and can be paired with almost any evening outfit. It’s black and gold but not overly shiny or anything of the sort which is another plus for me because I do not like overly shiny pieces of jewellery.



Vintage black pair
Vintage black pair





This is another one of my most favourite pairs and also another one I got online. I love tiny pairs like this with tons of detail. This almost has an ethnic tribal vibe to it but the colour and make make it ideal to pair with even a modern contemporary outfit. I love pairing this with an evening dress in black or navy blue. Then again, I’ve also worn this during the day and it works well with some of my work wear.



Vintage floral pair
Vintage floral pair




Lastly, here is another online buy. This is an absolute favourite because it screams vintage! The 3D floral detail adds a very feminine element to my look and I love pairing this with a floral kurta or even a solid coloured tunic for a casual yet pretty day look. I should probably add that this is super light and does not weight down my ears at all. Super convenient in that sense and I simply love it.







HSBC CFW RESORT SHOW Unveils a Four-Day Showcase

Colombo Fashion Week (CFW), which introduced its Resort edition as a single day event in 2012, is now a four-day showcase  from the 1 to 4 October. The show will unveil the best of resort wear fashion including fifteen ‘Bright Spark’ shows at the start of the week leading up to twenty main shows by established designers. The ‘Bright Spark’ shows will also unveil the collection from Peronie Nadine Stefel who is the first ‘Bright Spark’ designer to be awarded the fund created by CFW in its ongoing effort to develop and support up-and-coming fashion designers.


Commenting about the show, Ajai V Singh, President, Colombo Fashion Week stated, “The creation of resort wear as a season is vital for us as we can play on our strengths and make us shine by the grace of God. Resort wear is a growing category and we want to lead its growth in this part of the world. We can’t do much in terms of fashion with the Fall and Winter seasons, so for designer businesses to grow we need a second season along with Spring and Summer. Two years ago we found that resort wear worked well as our second season. With continuous innovation, we will keep driving this category to greater heights, creating more opportunities for Sri Lankan fashion designers and the industry.”

CFW is one of the three main Fashion Weeks in Asia which have been running for more than 10 years. It is also one of two fashion weeks in Asia which has introduced a dedicated resort wear season in its annual calendar, in addition to its Spring/Summer season. In just two years it has grown to become a four-day event and has shown an ever-increasing growth pattern. The HSBC CFW Resort Wear Show is unique because it takes place at a resort and this time Jetwing Blue and Beach in Negombo will play host to the highly anticipated event.

U by Upeksha at the CFW Resort 2013 Show

Singh further added, “There’s a valid reason for promoting resort wear, it’s not just part of our efforts to make Sri Lanka a destination for fashion entertainment, it’s part of our plan to make an international impact in the fashion industry. As our plans for CFW’s growth continued to unfold CFW became part of Asian Fashion Week (AFW). Five Sri Lankan designers who showcased their work at CFW, were selected to show their collections at AFW in Indonesia.  Sri Lankan designer, Sonali Dharmawardena even had the honour of opening Asian Fashion Week this year. Colombo Fashion Week is now being recognized internationally for the impact it is making on the local fashion industry and every aspect of fashion in Sri Lanka.”

Along with 17 established Sri Lankan fashion designers, there will be three international heavyweights at the HSBC CFW Resort Wear Show who will add an interesting dimension to the show. Abraham & Thakore, a designer duo and label from the Indian fashion industry which has won accolades and recognitions around world, will be showing in Sri Lanka for the first time. Harare, a label owned by Caroline Fuss will also show at the HSBC CFW Resort Wear Show. Caroline showed at New York Fashion Week just last week and was well received by the fashion community. The third international designer to be featured at the show includes a CFW loyalist and the show’s best international ambassador; Bibi Russell. She is a world-renowned fashion designer and icon who is also a Goodwill Ambassador for UNESCO.

In addition to several ramp events this not-for-profit annual event stays true to its vision of developing and uplifting Colombo’s fashion design industry through its behind-the-scenes mentoring process and workshops.  This year at the HSBC Colombo Fashion Week workshop will be held on the 4 October and will focus on a theme titled, ‘The use of indigenous textiles in fashion’. Designers Bibi Russell, Harare and Abraham & Takore will also join the workshop to share their knowledge and experience.

Yoland at the CFW Resort 2013 Show

Every year, as part of the CFW plan, new additions are made to the seasonal CFW calendar.  This year CFW Resort will see designer Pop-up stores being created with the support of TATA housing. TATA housing held a competition among final year architecture students and the designs of two students were selected and awarded. A total of 15 Pop-up stores for each designer brand will be set up at the venue, Jetwing Beach, enabling guests to see the latest collections in a well-designed retail environment. As part of the Fashion + Food series of CFW, a Michellin star chef from Paris and an internationally acclaimed Malaysian chef will be at the event. The chefs will provide delightful cuisines every evening, bringing in a design element to the show from the culinary arts. There will be special menus available on 1 and 2 October, the day of the ‘Bright Spark’ shows and the menus will continue to evolve till the show comes to a close on 5 October.

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Masai keepsake

Beautiful black and white keepsake

Featuring one of my most favourite and oldest keepsake boxes today. It’s not typically a box but it does hold some of my earrings in it. It’s circular shaped and has this adorable elephant figure on the lid. I should add that this was a gift by my husband (who was then boyfriend) from his trip to Africa. The colours and carved design on it represents the Masai tribe. I love tribal looking items and this is just perfect. I love the unique arty look and the fact that it stands out on my vanity. 


White Tuberose Facial Masque review

White Tuberose Facial Masque
White Tuberose Facial Masque

I’ve been noticing some dark spots and blemishes on my face and I thought it was high-time I did something about it instead of letting them fade on their own. I can’t help but steer towards Spa Ceylon products because they do have a range of products for the face, made with white jasmine as well as white tuberose. I decided to go with the White Tuberose Facial Masque because I do not treat my face as often as I think I should and this would give me the excuse to do so when needed.

A creamy formula with 100% pure precious tuberose oil to gently lighten, brighten and illuminate skin. Fine natural clays combine with deep-acting white minerals to cleanse, purify and refresh skin, removing excess oil. Arnica, rice bran, and natural vitamins help control excessive oil, white licorice, green tea, watercress and bearberry help inhibit formation of dark cells. Virgin coconut oil and olive help lighten marks and discolourations, instantly increasing skin radiance. The mystical aroma of tuberose helps uplift and brighten the senses.

Now, as far as brightening and lightening my face, I’m not too concerned about that. All I want is my blemishes and dark spots to fade. I trust the brand so much so I gave it a try over two weeks ago. To use, one must cleanse the skin first and then apply a thick layer of the masque all over the face and neck. I didn’t give my neck much thought but applied more on my dark and blemished areas. Leave it on for ten minutes and then wet lightly. As you do so, gently massage the face in circular motions and finally wash off. I realized this actually took some time to do because the masque is quite thick itself. All in all, it took me a good five minutes to apply the masque on my face, ten minutes to leave it on, and close to another five to massage and wash off. I’m yet to see some results but I do love the aroma which does uplift and brighten the senses. I feel like I’m in a happy bubble every time I use it.


On the back of the jar it says to use the White Tuberose Face Treatment Oil after using the masque but I’m not a huge oil-on-the-face fan so I have not been following this instruction. I don’t know if that’s why I’ve not seen results in the two weeks that I have been using it but if over a month, I’ll probably let it go or pair it with the treatment oil.

Have you used any Spa Ceylon products? If so, what are your favourites and why? Comment below and let me know!