Moving towards Fall

Fall might not be a season felt all well in a tropical country like Sri Lanka but nevertheless, department and lifestyle stores do tend to change their clothing lines and accessories range to be fitting. In that sense, we do steer towards a more fashionable fall if not weather-wise.

Whilst typically autumn highlights orange, yellow and dusky tones, in recent times international fashion designers have also brought forward clothing and accessory lines that highlight deeper tones like plums, maroons and khaki greens.

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A person’s wardrobe in a tropical country need not change all too much to follow the latest trends of the fall season. A handful of clothing items and a similar number of accessories to mix and match will do the trick. For example, a staple fall item would be a light leather jacket. No one in their right mind would wear one in this country so let’s forget about adapting to such trends. What you choose to wear has not only got to look trendy but also work in the environment you live in. Instead of such a piece, how about going for a scarf in a fall colour? A scarf is quite a multi-purpose clothing item and depending on its size, you can do wonders with one. You can wrap it around your neck, hang it along one shoulder, knot it around your handbag as a bow or added accessory and so on. A multi-purpose one is a deep purple or orange hue can be worn during any occasion.


A tunic with three-quarter sleeves would be another staple. Something that probably covers your butt and ends somewhere towards your knees and can be paired with a pair of dark washed leggings would be ideal. Look for tunics in navy blue, plum, ebony, and even maroon to complete your fall look. Add a bit of funk by looking for ones with a belt (if not you can add one yourself), some studs on the neckline, cuffs or even chunky buttons.

Structured handbags are a fall staple as well. Choose ones in bright pumpkin orange, vampire purple and blood red for a touch of sophistication. These bags will not only hold your daily essentials, but they will also accentuate your entire look. Snakeskin and suede textures are fall favourites as well.

The same goes for your footwear. The tropics aren’t suitable for boots and whatnots so look for pairs with small tassels, studs, zippers and different textures. Again, go for the bold and sturdy colours for the fall. Burgundy is a great choice for an everyday look. Black is something you can never go wrong with. Pump up the look with a sandal that also had a bit of beads or even metallics if you like.


Women tend to go wrong almost always with their makeup. Don’t be overachieving and go for a vampire blood thirsty look. Smokey eyes are perfect for this season so experiment a little with navy blues, khaki greens and bronze shades on the eyes. For the lips, choose shades of red. Instead of going for a glossy look with lip gloss or an overly bright balm, choose a colour that is matte and more bold on your lips.

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For the rest of your accessories, do not keep it overly muted. Fall is also a colourful season so oranges are a great way of accessorising. Pearly strands, metallic bangles and drop earrings will do.


*As published in the Ceylon Today newspapers*

**Images courtesy Google Images**

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