My husband and I took a quick trip down south over the weekend. I know it’s not much to blog about but I actually had a great time and captured a few images I wanted to share. The town of Beruwala is located roughly about an hour away from Colombo. It is actually my hometown in the sense that its my father’s birthplace.

The town area is quite small to be honest and the best part is mainly the beachside and the hotels nearby. Almost every other person you meet would possibly be a gem merchant or trader of sorts because that’s typical of the people living there. My family and I have been also visiting the main grand mosque every year during special occasions – Kechchimalla Mosque

I do not know much about the history of the mosque on a personal note but inside there is a framed copy of an article written about the history so you should check that out if you happen to visit. I should add that you need to be properly dressed to enter the mosque. No outfits that are short and showy and the head must be covered with a shawl or scarf.

There isn’t much to do in this part of the south but you will find plenty of little boutique hotels and resorts lined up one after the other which are often frequented by foreigners and locals too.



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