Lip Pen by H&M review

Even though I’ve been away for a month, I did want to try out some new products I was able to get my hands on. This item is something I got at the H&M in Medina (yes, I was surprised myself that they even had a store there!). I know every makeup brand is going crazy over chubby lipsticks and stick balms; this is another addition to that bunch.

Funky Berry Mix
Funky Berry Mix

It’s called a Lip Pen but of course the shape and size of it is nothing like a pen but more like a chubby chunky stick. It’s got a easy twistable bottom for the product to come out and is super pigmented. I actually was a bit sceptic about buying it (I only got one colour) because I hadn’t read or heard about anyone trying it before but I thought to myself oh heck and just went with it in Merry Mix. It’s a fun and loud berry plum colour which is a first for me. I don’t have anything like it in my lip products collection so I’m stretching a little here. Thankfully the colour looks fabulous and I can’t wait to wear it out soon.

Beautiful colour payoff
Beautiful colour payoff

It glides on with ease like other chubby sticks but does leave a slight stain on the lip. I’ve not had tried it and had a meal so I cannot comment on the colour durability after a meal or drink but I will add that once I do try out like that. The packaging is quite nice too – the tube is the exact same colour as the product so you know what you’re getting the minute you pick a certain colour up and the twistable bottom is in silver. Looks quite hardly in my opinion but I haven’t accidentally dropped it or anything yet to see its durability to the tee. Overall, I think it’s a great buy and a great product.

What’d you think?


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