Procrastinating Beauty Blogger TAG!

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Now I know that every living person procrastinates at least a couple of times in their lifetime. AT LEAST. You and I do it so why deny it? I can’t really say I procrastinate all the time because I have a method to everything I do, and a place for everything I own and so on… but there comes a time every now and then that I just cannot be bothered about anything and everything.. well, something and I procrastinate. So this is me taking on the Procrastinating Beauty Blogger TAG and passing it on to each and every one of you to give it a go!

1. Name a beauty regimen that you rarely do?

Hmm… exfoliate my lips, that’s for sure!

2. Is washing your make-up brushes something that you do regularly?

Nope lol! Hardly ever…. gah!

3. How long will you last with chipped nail polish?

Not long. I hate the look of chipped nail polish so I always make sure it looks good.

4. How long will you put off buying/replacing a beauty product, even if you need it?

Not long to be honest. If I love something that I use, I will replace it almost immediately because I would miss it too much. For example, if I got done with one of my soft matte lip creams, I don’t think I would be okay with not replacing it. I NEED them in my life 😀

5. What is your worst beauty habit?

Uhh… probably the fact that I have to tweeze and pluck my eyebrows into shape every single day… I tend to always find at least one hair to pluck out. Bad bad idea to do every single day I know but I just can’t help myself…

6. Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?

Something I put off doing all the time eh… that would have to be getting a facial. I’m so lazy to go to the salon and get one done. It’s been months since my last visit…

7. When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready to the last minute?

Nope. I take my time but I make sure I begin early so that I’d be ready in time. I hate being late. Hate!

8. Can you commit to spending bans?

YES! I have repeatedly committed myself to spending bans and have successfully succeeded many times 😀 Yay me!

9. How organized are your make-up and nail polish collections?

Quite organised because I am a neat person by nature. Everything has it’s own place in my room and vanity (dressing table). I like keeping my belongings in certain places and always neat and tidy.


Happy weekend everyone! Xoxo


Street chic

It’s Paris Couture Week and I believe that the best fashion pics are spotted not just on the runway but also off the runway – in the streets!

Here are a couple of my favourites:

Alexandra Rokhinova 2 Vogue 29Jan15 Dvora_b_1080x720


Zarina Rasueva 2 Vogue 29Jan15 Dvora_b_1080x720


Sofie Valkiers 1 Vogue 29Jan15 Dvora_b_1080x720

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Lorena Vergani 2 Vogue 27Jan15 Dvora_b_1080x720



Yellow pom pom Vogue 27Jan15 Dvora_b_1080x720

These were images I found on the Vogue site and I’ve also seen some pretty amazing street chic styles all over Facebook as well.

I’ve a couple of favourite designers who showcased their collections at Paris Couture Week so stay tuned for my favourite runway looks in the coming days 🙂


Another please?

Coffee beans

Did I ever mention that I have a second blog? Not just of my own, but I have a couple of friends and colleagues who contribute to it as well. It’s a Sri Lankan coffee-related blog and goes by the name Kopi Katha (which literally translates to ‘coffee talk’) This was something we started up mid last year and aimed towards creating a coffee culture in my country.

Here’s an extract of what I wrote last week:

I find that I love the frothy kind of coffee-based drinks and that’s why frappes are my thing. This isn’t the case with everyone however and I am surprised hardly anyone I know agrees with me. What’s not to love about a frothy, heavy-based glass of chilled mocha frappuccino? It’s got the right amount of coffee at the bottom, sometimes a bit of chocolate (if I insist upon it), blended ice, milk (that’s healthy right?) and a dollop of whipped cream. My dream combination is the peppermint mocha frappuccino introduced by Starbucks during the winter season every year. Sadly, I haven’t come across anything similar in Sri Lanka… yet.

If you read further, follow the link to the blog!


The world of makeup

I’m posting today an article I wrote for the newspapers I work at. It is by no means meant to hurt, harm or directly aimed at anyone in particular. This is based on just an idea I had some weeks ago and I thought I should work on. I’d  very much like to read all of your thoughts on this post so feel free to comment and let me know 🙂


In a woman’s life today, makeup is everything. Or is it? I find that sometimes some things are taken for granted and then some things are taken way over the top. It’s the same when it comes to makeup and cosmetics. Women in today’s world pay hundreds and thousands of money in order to look and feel good about themselves and their appearances. Was this the intention behind the invention of makeup?

History of makeup

The earliest record of the use of makeup dates back to the 1st Dynasty in Egypt (3,100 – 2,907 BC). Women in those times used particular natural and herbal products to enhance their beauty and also to take care of their skin. Unquent jars were known to have been filled with herbs and therefore were scented. Women held their faces above these jars and inhaled the scent. It was said to have made their skin soft and youthful. Soot or sometimes a crushed metallic element was used on the eyes to create a mysterious and sensual look. Now, Egyptian makeup did not just enhance beauty, but it was also meant to ward off evil spirits and improve sight. Around the 1st Century AD, Romans widely used kohl on the eyes, chalk for whitening their skin and rouge on the cheeks for a flush of colour.

In those times, Persian women and men were known to use henna on their hair to seem more youthful. Henna mehendi art was also very common in India and often adorned not just the hair, but also hands and feet during weddings. In European times, paleness depicted a indication of wealth and therefore women tried to use various products on their faces to show off their class. Around the 13th Century, pink lips were in vogue. Tragedy struck sometime in the years of the 18th Century when deadly arsenic, lead content and belladonna were used in skin whiteners and to enhance the eyes.

It’s hard to not mention that even in Sri Lankan history, the mention of ayurvedic beauty means did enhance natural beauty. Kohomba, kekum, neroli, and sandalwood are some of the natural herbs that were used by the locals to keep their hair silky and shiny, their skin supple and soft, and beauty ever so youthful.
Gradually, since the late 19th Century, makeup products have become a rave. The first modern lipstick was said to have been created in Paris around 1884. The first mascara was formulated sometime in the year 1910. It was named Mabel, after which it was then called Maybelline and gradually grew into a multimillion dollar company today. In the year 1914 pancake makeup was introduced by Max Factor. In the 1920’s mass marketing of makeup took place, lip gloss was introduced and so was the first eyelash curler. By the 1960’s, more liberated looks were in rouge. Cosmetics and makeup combating ageing signs and wrinkles were introduced sometime in the 1990’s.

Too much or too little?

Who is to judge if the use of makeup is too much or too little? I find that while some know their limitations of what makeup can do, others tend to take it to a greater level. Let’s start with the eyes – there’s eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, eye primers, eyelash curlers, eyebrow liner and fillers and also eyebrow tints. For the face – bb cream, primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, highlight and powder. For the lips – exfoliator, primer, lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm and lip tint. This list might be missing a couple of products here and there but you get the gist of it. Question, do we really need to use each and every product on our face? Makeup companies are driving their consumers wild with the assumed impression that yes, these such and such products are not just beauty items but ‘needful’ enhancers in their lives. If you happen to watch a beauty tutorial on YouTube, be it whatever channel and whatever occasion, for the most part a young woman will use a minimum of 15 different products in all parts of her face. The end result – a flawless made-up look.


Yes, to an extent the look will be flawless on camera but up close, you’ll be able to tell there are layers and layers of makeup piled on that face. Yes they are made-up to an extent that when they take off their makeup, they almost seem unrecognizable and almost like a completely different person. Women out there wear makeup on a daily basis, meet their life partners and are afraid to show their real and natural faces in case the men will not care and love them. Is this what the makeup companies mean to do to the lives of these women who keep their business running?

I admit however that certain products are useful for women today. In order to hide dark circles or dark bags under the eyes, a concealer would do the trick of masking this. If you happen to look too pale and ill, a touch of blush will add a flush of colour to your face. Pores and dark spots, skin damage can be covered up easily with a foundation or good bb cream. The eyes can be enhanced with a liner of any sort and the lips with a lip colour of any sort too. The choices are endless in today’s world and that is the beauty of it as well as the evil of it. We must know as individuals how much is too much or too little to use on ourselves. Caking on makeup product after product is also not going to do the skin underneath it any good at all. It’s also just as important to take good care of your skin and ensure that at the end of the day, all the makeup is removed and your skin is moisturized, nourished and clean.

For women battling with acne, huge scars on their faces and other great imperfections, makeup has provided them with the greatest cover-up of all. Makeup to such women is not just an escape but way of proving they are normal and beautiful too. You’ll find plenty of women having internal struggles and yet feeling confident and strong with just a simple makeover. That does say a lot about how makeup can change a person’s outlook and also their life.
Let’s also not forget that men have been using makeup since the yesteryears and even today. Again, makeup is just a tool of enhancing one’s current features and also for creating the illusion of perfection. From a simple pimple to a gigantic scar, to fix an imperfect eyebrow to adding a pop of colour, yes men too apply makeup.

So really, how do we know how much is too much or too little? It’s really hard to say as it would differ for each individual. I personally do not think makeup should act as a barrier between showing who you really are and who you want to be perceived as. Makeup has got to come off at some point of the day, or rather end of the day, so it goes to show that it really isn’t permanent and regardless one should feel beautiful inside and out.

**As published in the Ceylon Today newspapers**

Weekly Snap!


My weekly snap – this yummilicious citrus avocado, strawberry and orange salad (paired with a slice of brown bread) which I had at Calorie Counter yesterday. It’s a new food outlet located down Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 4 that serves up healthy sandwiches and salads. I just loved the fusion of flavours in my healthy bowl and munched it all in a matter of minutes! A must try for everyone.


Organization tips! Part 1

I’m a neat freak and this isn’t something new. I’ve always managed to keep my belongings and surroundings neat and tidy at (nearly) all times of my life. I love making sure every object and item has it’s own place so this makes it a lot easier to be organized. I know many of you out there are probably rolling your eyes or would not bother reading the rest of this post but I do believe that it’s important to be organized in order to have a good life. It’s isn’t the most important thing in the world – but, it does help with having a good attitude and positive outlook every single. Messy rooms and areas in your house can create unwanted tension and cause a lot of stress. Keeping things in order therefore will keep your mind happy. So, I’ve decided to round up a few organisational tips – some that I have come across while reading and some of my very own. Hope this helps, and good luck!


1. Keep your scarves and shawls in a separate organisational space – This is something I personally do because my outfit isn’t complete without a scarf (shawl rather). I have mine knotted and hung on the IKEA Komplement Multi Use Hanger. I have two of these and boy aren’t they so handy to have around. They aren’t enough to hang all of my shawls (because I have quite the collection) but I find that for my casual and daily use shawls, it does provide the best kind of organisation space. Arranging them according to colours is also something you could give a try but I just basically hang my shawls wherever there is a free ring. I have a smaller metal multi use hanger (of a similar sort) on which I’ve tied up my husband’s ties. Super handy I tell you!


2. Store your shoes in storage boxes – I’ve a couple of wooden storage boxes from two years back and I find that they are the best way to store all my shoes. Yes I am unable to see what’s inside and that might be a problem to some of you, but so far, it hasn’t been so for me. I have my shoes in two wooden boxes with closed covers and one other with an open top. In the latter, I’ve placed my every day casual sandals, slippers and ballet shoes. Plastic storage boxes are also a great idea because you would be able to see what’s inside no matter where you place them. I’ve placed two of mine at the bottom of the closet and the open top one at the front end of the closet (again, for easy access). Bookshelves are also perfect for storing shoes if you really think about it.


3. Separate your clothing – I’ve separated mine into sections; a casuals section, a semi-casual section, a occasion wear section and so on. This way, I do not need to rummage through a pile of clothes unnecessarily and I know exactly what I need according to the occasion of the moment. It actually makes getting ready seem far more easy. You’ll know exactly where your casual wear, formal wear and party wear is around your closet and wont have to waste too much selecting what you need.


4. Use shower rings or hooks – As weird as this might sound, shower rings can be used for organizing your closet space. Use the rings to hang small items of clothing like shorts and short skirts, tees and even scarves. The same can be done with show hooks. Place them in a corner space of your closet or wardrobe and viola, you have your own multi use hangers!


5. Make use of a laundry bag – Hampers and laundry bags can take up a bit of space, so why not get ones that you can hang on the inner part of your closet door or on the back of your room door? Small hampers or laundry bags can be used to store hats, belts, scarves and other small accessories that you use too.


6. Keep all documents stored safely – I’ve got plenty of personal documents which I keep in multi coloured storage files. I find that this way, I like keeping them organised and I know which file has what type of documents. I’ve got files divided for personal documents like birth certificate copies, marriage certificate copies etc. Another file for all my business invoices, one other for all customer orders, one of some old drawing and poetry (I believe I’ve never mentioned that before on my blog) and another for prayer printouts and so on.

This post is getting a bit too long for my liking so I think I’m going to separate the tips. This would be the first post on organization tips and I will have another, maybe two, posts in the weeks to come, so stay tuned if you happen to like this one 🙂



**All images were found on Google Images**

Iced tea fever

I’m a huge iced tea as many of you already know. My country is famous for its tea and well it might sound very typical of me to be a fan but I’m more of a flavoured iced tea fan so please don’t judge me 😉

Coco Veranda, one of my favourite hangouts recently introduced a range of flavoured iced teas and I thought I’d give a flavour a week a try. Monday morning I happened to have an interview scheduled in the same building so I decided to have the peach and orange iced tea to go. Truthfully speaking I did not like it very much even after many stirs and adding more water back at home. I notified the cafe/restaurent manager and he asked me to come back for a complementary iced tea of my choice.

I headed back on Tuesday. My husband and his two cousins joined us and I decided to go for the blueberry and vanilla iced tea. It was fabulous. I love the berry flavour at the back of my tongue after one sip and the light lingering vanilla flavour fused with the tea in it. Great combination I must say I’d definitely be going in for some more soon.

Here’s a pic of the iced tea –


It’s resolutions time!

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I’m not typically a ‘make resolutions every year’ kind of person. For the most part I’m worried I won’t be able to stick to them so I don’t make them. But this year I thought I should really make an effort and come up with some good resolutions and see how well I stick to them….*deep breathe* okay, here goes!

  1. Read a book a month – This is partially because I love books and I used to read a book a week but I haven’t done so in the past year. So, I really want to pick up my reading habit 🙂
  2. Eat healthy – It’s not that I eat a ton of junk food but my husband and I do tend to eat out at least once a week and well… I’d like to eat a little more healthy and give the soups and salads a try more often that getting a chunky burger or wrap. *Fingers crossed*
  3. No fizzy drinks – This was something I managed to do two years ago but got back on to during the past year…so gonna try not having any fizzy pop this year.
  4. Expand my little online business – I’m trying to connect with some local beauty salons and nail spas to up my game and expand my business. Wish me luck!
  5. Blog at least twice a week – So far I have been doing it thrice or more a week but if I do happen to get stuck, I still want to be able to blog at least twice and keep my reach going strong. It’ll be a year since I started blogging in March and well, I think I’ve had good progress….want to continue to keep it up.
  6. Get back to practising yoga – I used to do this at home and knew a lot of the moves to manage a good half an hour of yoga but I really need to brush up on it now. I have forgotten a couple of movements so I’m going to have to use a lot of video references. I like doing yoga at the comfort of my own home and I’ve got a yoga mat too…so let’s try and put that to good use this year.

Alrighty…. that’s just about it… I know it all doesn’t seem like much but I’m gonna give these a try this year and truly hope for the best 😀