Plucking eyebrows – yes or no?


I pluck my eyebrows almost on a daily basis to keep them in shape. This is because I do not fill them in or shape it in any way using eyebrow products. I used to have bushy and thick eyebrows so now I like the look of how neat and aligned they look after neatly plucking away the excess hair.

I know that over-plucking can be a bit dangerous but I didn’t know truly how bad it could be until I read this article. I urge each and every one of you to read it and be aware of the damages over-plucking can do. For this one girl, it became an obsession she couldn’t control over the years. It took her from plucking out her eyebrows entirely, to also plucking out hair on her head.

Always be mindful of what you do to yourself. Never take things too lightly or too far. Be safe and wise.

Have a good day everyone!


4 thoughts on “Plucking eyebrows – yes or no?”

  1. Thanks for posting this! I’ve recently started using castor oil for my lashes and thin eyebrows and now my eyebrows are growing thick and they’re not as well kept as they used to be!

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