Lunch at Ginger


The images alone are making my stomach growl in hunger all over again! I snapped these images when I went out to lunch on two occasions but at the same place – first with a friend and second with my mum.

Ginger is a fusion food restaurant located by the Cotton Collections outlet in Colombo 7. Although I had been to the area on multiple occasions, last week was the first time I dined there.

On my first visit, I ordered a pasta which I thought was the simplest meal I could order on my first try. I do like Thai food very much and the description of the dish mentioned a red curry chicken so I couldn’t let it pass. I did like the flavour of it with the pasta although I wish the chicken had been cooked for just a couple more minutes. Would I give it another go? Yeah…probably. 

On my second visit with my mum, which also happened to be valentines day, I ordered the garlic seafood rice. Now, I really expected the flavour of the rice to be at least slightly garlic-y… but it wasn’t. The dish was like having a nasi goreng instead, which I very much enjoyed but felt that the name was deceiving. Would I try it again? Yep, most definitely.

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