Picking at your face

I was going to post a review of a matte lipstick I recently purchased but instead here is a repost of something that caught my attention and I thought I should share.


A faulty birthmark, an over-ripe looking pimple or scar can cause people to react in different ways and for some it has become a real issue. While they continue to look at these marks, they begin to pick at their face. I’m talking about with just their fingers or nails but with other objects like toothpicks, tweezers, nail files, paper clips and so on.

This article is about how the obsession turned into something deeper and far worse for one girl. Please read it and be aware of the consequences of your small actions. Your face is yours to deal with but imperfections are what make you unique. Learn to embrace it and live with it as best you can instead of picking at it and making things worse.


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