Blue Waters – Waduwa


Took a trip down south with my sis and cousins last Monday. We decided not to go too far so finally made up our minds to stay at the Blue Waters hotel in Waduwa which is literally an hour or so away from the city of Colombo. We used to come to this hotel quite frequently as kids but it’s been years since I came and it was nice to see that nothing much had changed.


I love the open space aspect of this hotel so that the sea breeze billows in no matter where you are. The place was quite empty as it was a week day and my sis, cousins and I pretty much had the hotel to ourselves albeit a handful of foreigners. The food was also quite tasty and we had a good selection too thanks to the buffet option for all three meals.


I completely forgot to take a picture of the room we stayed in but the beds were comfortable and neat, the space just right and the bathrooms clean. Nothing to complain about! The service throughout our stay was also quite good. We bought along a few movies to watch in the night, and when we noticed our room did not have a DVD player we requested to have one brought to our room and the staff complied. Thumbs up for quick service!


The lawn is quite vast and ideal for kids to run about. Us – jumped right into the pool and stayed in there pretty much all afternoon turning into crisp and darker versions of ourselves 😉


Looking forward to summer!

It’s summer pretty much all year round in my country but we do have the occasional chilly week or so in December and January. Apart from those two months, you’ll see plenty of sunshine in my tropical home – Sri Lanka. So I think it’s pretty apt for me to say that I know what I am talking about when it comes to summer trends and styles because hey, that’s all us Lankans wear all year long!


I find that prints never really go out of fashion, no matter what season or time of the year. Whether it’s tribal, animal, floral or geometric, prints have a way of staying in trend. Here’s a classic example of a printed dress that can be worn in any season and any time of the day (really!). I love that it is also in very basic colours – black and white. It can be accessorised in pretty much any way you want, with similar coloured pieces of jewellery, handbag and shoes or even spiced up with some colourful bright add-ons.


If you’re going to be rocking prints, you’ve got to give the print mix a go! Who says you can’t mix prints with prints when it can look so good on you? Take the above image for example and see how amazing the outfit looks on the women. It’s got the right kind of colours for summer and works so well with each other to create a unique look. Once again, you can accessorise anyway you like with a solid toned colour or amp it up with some bright hues for a playful look.



It’s up to you if you want to wear long or short dresses really. I’m someone who doesn’t wear anything short so the longer options are the ones for me. However, I find that the occasional short print dress can also be worn if paired well and rightly with a pair of leggings or stockings. What I love about the three above images are the pops of colour, fusion of hues and also the not so drastic but still there prints. Nothing too loud and over dramatic. The third image is a classic example of something I would actually wear, and that tan camel coloured handbag is total gorgeous with the dress!


Gotta say that this is one of my favourite finds! Okay so this might not scream summer or day time casual chic but you can certainly pull it off if you downsize the accessories and put your hair in a ponytail or braid bun. This could totally work for a mid-evening and late night summer kind of look too however and that’s what I love about this dress – it’s versatility.

If you happen to find similar pieces in a store near you, I kindly suggest you pick it off the rack and go pay for it. Prints aren’t going anywhere this year!


My favourite looks from the Cannes Film Festival 2015


I wait for the Cannes Film Festival because I find that everyone makes an added effort to dress their best at the events during this week. Whether it’s a semi-casual look or a full on glamorous attire, you’ll find that the stars dazzle. So here are snippets of my favourite red carpet looks 🙂







What do you guys think of my picks?