I hope.. 

In the end, that’s all I can hope for; that we make it. 

It’s easy to argue with someone you love but when arguement persists, you need to take a step back and wonder what really is the problem. That’s where I am in my life right now. I can only hope I make it. 




It certainly is the best choice you will ever make – not to care about what other people think. It’s a hard choice, one that comes with a few hurdles and hardships but it’s definitely worth it. Why should you have to care about what others think? Why should you have to put up with listening to negativity and disappointment? None of those feelings are worth the peace of mind you have when you make the choice of not caring. It’s not about you being heartless or ignorant but it’s about being more self sufficient and confidence and also happy with who you are. 


I’m all about ME


I believe it’s important to be comfortable in your own skin in order to be happy with yourself. As of now, I feel like I’ve lost myself and have no true identity so in order to find myself I have to make peace with certain things in my life. It’s not an easy process. It’s tiring, it’s painful and it’s time consuming but trust me, it’s worth it. 

It took me a while to understand that my happiness cannot depend on a single person or persons who are a part of my life. Instead it’s I who have the power to make myself happy or otherwise. I’m still going through the ordeals of trying to find out what I love about myself and what needs work. As for my identity crisis, I’m getting it sorted. Right now I’m focussed on inner peace – meditating every morning or sometimes in the evening really helps. Also being around people who genuinely care about you is a good way to attain inner peace and comfort in your own skin. 

Remember that you are never alone in this journey. 

Much love! Xoxo

Embrace the change 


Change is inevitable and the only thing that’s constant in life. Nothing else really stays the same. It’s hard to accept certain things life but if you can bring yourself to accept that change is a part of life, then you’ll make it through. People change. Situations change. Surroundings change. Experiences change. Every single day you change and this is normal. I like to think there’s a tiny part of myself that I leave behind every single and I am no longer who I was yesterday, today. I am a brand new person even in the smallest way and it gives me the opportunity to bring something fresh into my life. A new self means new focus, new ideas, new perspective. So again, learn to accept and embrace change. It’s for the better – trust me! 

Much love! Xoxo