Patience is a beautiful thing


Life tests us in so many ways and I think the toughest test of all is to have patience. Nothing happens in our own time. As a Muslim I’ve come to believe and also understand that everything around me happens if and when God wills. Nothing happens without his judgement. So regardless of what we desire, regardless of what we pray and yearn for, regardless of the countless number of promises we may make, we have to be patient in order for things to happen. Not everything that happens are what we would have had in mind. We don’t always get what we want and in these instances we need to believe that we have been given the best of what is required for that very moment and be content with that. Have patience for it is not just a virtue but also a quality in you that will help you and guide you to be strong, independent, and willful in your own way. 

Have a good day everyone! 



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