People that matter 


It’s important to surround yourself with people who truly care about you – not just for that very moment you need them but also at other times. It’s important to have someone in your life who completely understands you even when you don’t make sense and still can make you feel better when you’re sad or hurting. 

He or she may have been a part of your life for a decade or more or even less, but it sure feels like they know every inch of you. He or she may not live close by anymore but distance has never been an issue. He or she may have other priorities in life but they’d make it a point to keep in touch and see that you’re doing okay. He or she may be the closest thing you’d have to a damn good friendship so do not ever take them for granted or let them go. 

It’s important for them to be a part of your life and for you to also be a part of theirs. Know this and do not take a single moment for granted. Allow them to help you feel better, lean on and take away the pain. Allow them to make you feel important every once in a while. 


Do your own thing


Why bother chasing after people who do not want to be with you or rather who do not appreciate and value you? It’s okay to let go of these types of people from your life. It’s important that you and I understand our own value. If you value yourself, you wouldn’t put up with someone who doesn’t. Be who you are, be true to yourself. You need to impress no one but yourself in this journey we call life. Do your own thing and mind your own business. Create your own sense of space and harmony and this will (I promise) keep you happy. If the right kind of person looks at you and begins to admire you for all that and more, take them in to your life. If they belong, they will stay. Regardless, continue to do your thing. No harm will come to you from ever doing your own thing. 

I’ve begun to make my own space and create my own kind of happiness because over the past few months I’ve come to realize that o cannot base my happiness or it cannot entirely depend on a single person. I have the power in me to make myself happy and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I wake up every morning with positivity and I tell myself today is going to be a good day regardless of what happens. I do my own thing, write my thoughts, read and spend time getting to know myself. I also make time to meet friends who mean a lot to me. This is me. If people can’t accept that, then they don’t deserve to be a part of my life. If it were meant to be, they’ll come back and stay. If otherwise, I’ll continue to make my own happiness and not chase after people who don’t deserve to be in my life. 


Shit happens 


Let’s be real; shit happens. Negativity, downfalls, slip ups and disappointment are all a part of life. If you didn’t know it couldn’t accept that all this while then my friend you’re living in a crazy bubble that’s gonna pop at some point. It’s only natural because nothing really stays the same or is consistent – be it positivity, happiness, success, wealth and well the list could go on. Nothing is permanent. Learn to accept that and deal with it in life if you want to move forward. It may seem hard and nearly impossible at first but you’re not alone in this journey, so find comfort that others are going through the same and keep your head up high. 

Much love! Xoxo

New pieces of jewellery 

I’ve been collecting sea shells for years and I’ve got a good collection from all parts of my little island. I’ve sort of run out of where to keep them all so I asked my friend to create pieces of jewellery for me out of some of them. The following three images show three different pieces but I’ve a total of ten new pieces.

Gorgeous wristlet


Layered necklace


Stunning ring



Starting over 


I find that on weekends I’m a little more ‘blah’ than usual. I really do think that I’m more myself and empowered on a week day especially Monday – does that make sense? 

I like starting over on a Monday because that’s really when the week begins for me, not Sunday. On a Sunday I really don’t like to do anything. I’ve a lot of ‘starting overs’ to do to be honest and although I’m not too thrilled about it, I know I have to do it. I need to do it at least for myself because I know I’m worthy of a second chance. I know we all have just one life to live but we are human after all and we make mistakes all the time. I’m not perfect so in my lifetime I’ll probably start over a thousand and one times. That’s just human nature and what I’m trying to say is that it is okay. There are things in life that may seem or are unfixable but that does not mean you lose heart. So go on, pick up the pieces and start all over my friend. 


Choosing for life… 


Saw this quote on Instagram a day ago and my heart just stopped. Does your partner make you a better or bitter person? Right now I’m scared to answer that question but I do have to admit that for the most part my husband does make me a better person. Not entirely but somewhat. Is this a good or bad thing? I truly don’t know and that freaks me out. I honestly thought this marriage would be for life but sometimes I also feel like he and I jumped the gun too soon.