Nothing personal 

I’m loud. I’m quiet. I love hanging out with people. I love being alone. I’m talkative. I shut down. I’m forward. I’m shy. I’m conservative. I’m outgoing. I read. I write. I listen to music. I dance. I love attention. I love not standing out. 

I have my moments. I’m fun and then I’m boring. I’m boisterous and then I’m meek. It’s normal for me to go through so many emotions and phases. I makes me all the more colourful on a personality note and also one of a kind. If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you seriously do not deserve me at my best. I am all this and more. Shutting down and being a bit low is a phase and a part of human life. Accept me. If you can’t, then get the hell out of here. It’s nothing personal really. 



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