As humans, I think we’re programmed to never or hardly be happy with how our lives go. Things seem to be looking up right now but I don’t know if I’m happy or not. I think it’s because I still haven’t got back to my writing but nothing seems to be motivating me. I attended a couple of events and thought about reviewing a restaurant or two but even then, I am not completely motivated. I think I’ve still not found myself… Figured out what I want in life or who I am. Like I’ve said before, these things don’t happen overnight. Just because things are looking up doesn’t mean everything goes back to how they used to be…. It’s all about keeping a positive attitude and outlook on life…..  


2 thoughts on “Sometimes… ”

  1. I agree that as humans we tend to focus on the negative, but reminding yourself of the positives in life every day can help to reinforce a healthier mental attitude. Hope you feel motivated again soon 🙂

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