Stop being afraid 

Oh the pursuit of happiness is a never ending kind of one and like I said in one of my earlier posts, you cannot force happiness upon your life or chase after it. It’s a gradual process. 

I know that it’s a leap of faith that you take when you want to be true to yourself and not let what others think or say affect you but that is also what is going to bring you true happiness. When you are comfortable in your own skin, when you let go of your worries and inhibitions, what else is there to bring you down and make you unhappy? Nothing! Stop thinking about what others think or might be thinking. It’s a waste of time, trust me. Their negativity is not worth your time or your life so learn to let it go. Learn to be happy and content with the way you are and who you are and happiness will come naturally. 

Again, it’s not an easy process. You might hurt people along the way but keep in mind that if you choose otherwise and instead make others happy, you are neglecting yourself and making yourself unhappy. Question is – is it worth it? If it isn’t, then learn to let it all go and just be you. 



 Life is too short to have any regrets so my mantra is to just be who you are, do what you want to do, go where you want to go and say what you want to say. Why shy away? No matter what you do in life, there will always be people who will be angry, upset or disappointed in you. Know that you cannot please everybody at the same time. Listen to your heart and do as you please. Life is too short to be wasted on negativity and other people’s opinions. Make your own choices and go your own way. Keep yourself happy and be exactly who you are – you 😊

Things going right 

There may be a million things going wrong in your life right now, but I think as humans we are flawed to not to see the million things that are also going right in our lives. Yes marriages are a lot of hard work and every day isn’t breezy and blissful but I do have a wonderful family and bunch of friends that constantly support me and are at my beck and call whenever I need them, I have a solid roof above my head, clothes to keep me warm and food at the table so really what am I complaining about a couple of arguments with my husband? It does pull me down and make me feel less great about this thing called life but then again, these are what makes us wiser, stronger and better humans. This struggle will teach us many things and I’d like to believe I can overcome anything that comes my way including the negativity. 


Brick lips 


Wedding season is in full throttle here in Colombo and well, I’ve had to dress up pretty much every single night for over a week now due to all the weddings we’ve been attending. This is a sneak peak of my look from last night. I wore a red and cream coloured shalwar and topped my face with just minimal eyeliner and a bold red lip (Elizabeth Arden lipstick in the shade Brick).