To love 

To love… Hmm. I think more than it being a decision and a judgement that it is a promise. A promise to feel wonderment and joy towards another. Then again… Decisions change. Judgements change. And promises are broken. What are we left with then if not in love? 

A little project…


Decided to do a little painting today so I gathered some small glass bottles for this project of mine. I had been collecting these for months and at the back of my mind wanted to reuse them some way or the other. So here’s a look at what they looked like before painting. 

I did just the bottom of each of the bottles and this is what they looked like while I left them out to dry. 

And there’s the final look! 



A day in Galle Fort

Spent a day in Galle Fort a few days ago and here are a couple of snaps I managed to capture…. 

Gotta be the best fresh gelato!


The fort court
The refurbished Dutch hospital; now a dining complex
A little boutique store that caught my eye
Retail therapy!
Beach loving
My lunch – seafood curry rice at Peddlar’s Inn

The butterfly effect 

More from my favourite poet, Lang Leav

Her words touch a core deep within me and I just don’t know why… I think it’s because the words are so true and powerful in so many ways… Makes me think and feel so many emotions at the same time.. Love this new work by her. 


Top drinks of the week 


Ive been on a binge trying out drinks at nearly every cafe and restaurant in Colombo. Here are my top three for this week: 

The blueberry and pomegranate iced tea at Dilmah t lounge is the perfect combination of two fruity flavours and tea! In love with this one. And for less than Rs 400, I’m definitely having more of it! 

The strawberry juice at Ocean, Kingbury is the most fresh and purest form of strawberry juice you’ll get in town. Other places tend to add either too much water, too much sugar or less strawberries but these guys have got it just right. A glass is less than Rs 400. 

This is an oldie but goldie. The triple berry punch at Coco Veranda is another must try with its fusion of berry flavours and fizz. Refreshing in a blazing hot day. Costs less than Rs 600.