LA Girl Matte Lip Gloss review

Wearing the shades Obsess and Frisky. 

Gotta say, the formula is amazing! The pigmentation is superb and the matte lip gloss is soooooo long lasting. I wore the shade Obsess for over 9 hours and even after two meals and a whole lot of water, the colour did not budge from my lips or transfer to anything. Absolutely love it! 


Let go of your junk

It’s easy to accumulate junk in your personal space. I’m not just talking about closet space, but literally around the house. If you’ve got a shopping addiction or sentimental attachment to things around the house, you know you’ve got a space full of junk that just has to be thrown away at some point in your life.

I recently participated at the Colombo Flea Market so it was a really good opportunity to clear out my wardrobe and get rid of items that I had never worn, used or wanted anymore. For those who are stuck with a bunch of junk in their space, I thought I’d share a bunch of tips on how you can let go of it all and start anew.

Start slow
It helps to have a support system. It could be a best friend, a sibling or relative you are close to, but it should be someone who is not emotionally attached to what you have in your space. It should also be someone who can help you during the cleaning out process and help you sort through the items you want to keep and/or giveaway. I did the cleaning out on my own so it literally took me a week to sort through clothes, shoes, bags and also accessories. It helps to take your time while doing this, give your mind a day or two to process your decisions and get used to giving away some personal items from your life.

When it came to clothes, I made a mental note to giveaway items that I had not worn in the past two years. Shockingly, I had so many that fit into that category so they all went into the junk giveaway pile – clothes, shoes and bags. Some of the other clothes, I made myself literally get into each and every one of them and see if they fit or if I liked how I looked in them. If they didn’t fit or I didn’t like how they looked, they went into the giveaway pile. I also made use of taking snaps of the clothes I wore and sent them to friends for approval – if I should keep them or not. This also made it a lot easier when it came to making the hard decision of parting with some of my favourite clothes that did not necessarily flatter me anymore.

I did the same with shoes (apart from the ones I had not worn in over two years). I walked around in them, did a bit of a hop and a skip to see how well I could move in them and also checked them for wear and tear. Whatever did not fit the bill went out of my shoe boxes. I had plenty of shoes that were peeling and were pretty worn out so they went into a separate waste pile. I had to do the same with some of the handbags I owned. Some of the straps were beginning to peel, some had discoloured with wear and others…well, I just had not used and didn’t see myself using.

Hard decisions
I have to admit that none of these were easy decisions to make but I felt like this would not just cleanse my closet, but also help cleanse my soul (getting all sentimental here). I felt like I needed a change and the best way I could do it was to get rid of the junk in my personal space. When it came to my accessories, especially earrings, I dumped literally every pair I owned into the giveaway pile. I have not changed my earrings in over a year and did not see myself wearing another pair so why collect dusk over the space? I also wear the scarf around my head so my ears are covered (hence the no need to change earrings) so…out they went.

With everything that I had left, I began reorganizing. Do this in the most convenient way possible that would make it easy for you to find items in your wardrobe. Hang every top and dress you own and pile away the pants and jeans. Cardigans and other add-on items of clothing could do into another pile and space in your wardrobe. Organize this way so that it helps you when you have to get ready to go out. I also find that labelling boxes (I use boxes for my add-on items and shoes) helps because I know exactly what item is and do not have to pull out clothes and make a mess of my closet.

Use these tips to do the same around the rest of the house – the kitchen, the living room and so on. There’s plenty of unused items that someone else could possibly use so think of it as a sustainable way of clearing out your space. If you do not want to do this alone or have a sentimental attachment to things, get someone to help you. Do not rush the process. Be mindful of what you are giving away. If someone else can reuse it, donate it. Otherwise turn it over to a sustainability organization like the Colombo Flea Market and they will recycle it.

Good luck!

**As published in the Ceylon Today newspapers**

Going through quarter life crisis


Quarter life crisis. Does it exist? What does it mean? What becomes of a person going through a quarter life crisis? There are too many questions and often finding answers can only bring about more confusion to a person going through such an experience. However, it is normal. Not everyone goes through a quarter life crisis. But those who do, find this time in their lives to be difficult, painful, lonely and tiring for no reason.


What are the signs?
The days seem long. You’re often too lazy to wake up. There’s nothing to keep you motivated so it’s easy to want to sink back into bed. This is one sign of going through a rough time in your life. It’s easy to pretend like nothing is wrong when you’re under warm sheets, all cuddled up in bed with about four pillows. You can wallow in this for a while but when it becomes almost a routine, you need to do something about it.

You might also experience a loss or increase in appetite and therefore lose or gain a lot of weight in a short period of time. This might happen almost unconsciously. You sit down to have a meal and do not realise the loss of appetite or the alarming amount of food you’ve served onto your plate. Sometimes, the day is coming to an end without you even noticing the rumbling in your tummy because you’d forgotten to have breakfast or lunch. Others around you of course, would notice the significant change in your size or appetite. So, pay attention to what they say.

Don’t get me started on your drastic mood swings. It’s almost too easy to lose temper over something that goes wrong. You get ticked off in a matter of seconds. The smallest mistake could upset you and having cried for a couple of minutes, you might not even have a clue as to why you cried. On some days you may feel as if you’re on top of the world and have everything under control. Everything would appear dandy in your eyes and you’d also probably be more efficient and motivated on such days. Unfortunately, you can slip downward by the following day and feel blue and useless.

Lack of concentration and motivation at work is also something common when going through a quarter life crisis. You may find yourself constantly distracted and unable to perform even the smallest of tasks. The job you love might seem a little too boring and you may feel less motivated to keep at it. You may also begin to feel less passionate about what you do for a living and perhaps not want to do anything for some time. Constantly comparing yourself to others and seeing how they have their lives put together, could also upset your mind and cause a great deal of unnecessary stress.

In these situations, always remember that you are not alone. There are over seven billion people in the world and someone else out there is going through the exact same situations, feelings and troubles as you. Some are also possibly going through worse. Regardless, life does not and will not stop to pat you on the back and pull you back on your feet. You have to do this yourself. It’s okay to feel like you don’t have everything in your life intact. That’s a part of growing up and gradually, you will learn from your mistakes. It’s okay to falter and mess up because those moments will define you in the years to come. You will not be put into situations that you cannot handle or are capable of not pulling through. Life is certainly not an easy journey so take small steps to push forward and become a ‘better you’. If you feel you are unable to get out of bed, at least work from home on your laptop. If you find yourself feeling less motivated at work, take a couple minutes’ break and chat with someone close to you. It helps to open up and let others know how you feel.

The important thing is to not give up; especially on you. Try and eat either a little more or a little less as the days go on. Do things that make you happy. Read a book when you have the time or watch a movie. Go for a walk by the park or beach, if you need a breather. Fresh air will help clear your mind. Learn also to control your emotions and moods. Think before you speak or snap at those around you. Sometimes it’s better to hold your tongue than say something hurtful to others, which you would later regret. It’s easy to shut others out of your life but this will only add to the loneliness you feel. Take time to go out, meet your friends and family. These changes won’t happen overnight but it’s up to you to make it a point to do small things in order to live a better life and understand that you will get past this.

**As published in Ceylon Today newspapers**

For yourself 

Change for yourself…..not for someone else…. 

Why would you want to change for someone else anyway? Shouldn’t they accept you for who you are? 

If you find yourself lacking in something, make the effort to change for yourself… 

If you find yourself in the wrong, do something to correct it not because of someone else but for you… 

I know I’ve changed in these past six months…. Not for anyone else…. But for myself…. I’ve changed to protect myself so I wouldn’t get hurt… I’ve changed because I felt like I was taken for granted…. I’ve changed because I was tired of ridiculed and not appreciated…. 

I changed for myself…