For yourself 

Change for yourself…..not for someone else…. 

Why would you want to change for someone else anyway? Shouldn’t they accept you for who you are? 

If you find yourself lacking in something, make the effort to change for yourself… 

If you find yourself in the wrong, do something to correct it not because of someone else but for you… 

I know I’ve changed in these past six months…. Not for anyone else…. But for myself…. I’ve changed to protect myself so I wouldn’t get hurt… I’ve changed because I felt like I was taken for granted…. I’ve changed because I was tired of ridiculed and not appreciated…. 

I changed for myself… 



We looked into each other’s eyes

He breathed

I stared

‘Are you mad at me’? he asked

I inhaled

‘More at myself than you’

He started to speak

But I continued…

‘Mad at myself

For letting myself

Feel things I shouldn’t

Dream of things I shouldn’t

And want things I shouldn’t’

He whispered my name

And my heart broke a little

He moved a step closer

And my heart hitched inside

‘Don’t… don’t come any closer’

I said

He took another step

Towards me

‘Please don’t’ I said again

‘Give me a hug’ he said

And a tear rolled down my face

‘That’s what I’m afraid of’

Another step

Another tear

He reached out to me

Held my waist

And pulled me closer

I broke down entirely

And clung to him

He already knew

What was on my mind

And I knew he wouldn’t say

The words I dreamed him say

So we stayed

In each other’s arms

In silence

Until it was time to say goodbye

Colombo Flea Market 

 I participated in the Colombo Flea Market today and here are a couple of snaps:




Sold pretty much 50% of everything I took and donated the rest to the welfare society. I actually feel lighter and better now that I’ve given away stuff I do not use or wear anymore. Was certainly a good experience and will probably participate next time as well.