Visited the new Butter Boutique outlet with my bestie over the weekend. The outlet is so feminine chic that I literally could spend hours there. If you live in Colombo, do go over and have a look! 

So my bestie and I tried out their new candy floss flavored and bubblegum flavored cakes! Yes you read that right! The candy floss one didn’t do much justice on a personal note…. I felt like it lacked a bit of punch but the bubblegum one was straight up bubblegum alright! 

I must admit however that the four layers of icing was too overwhelming; perhaps two layers would have done the trick. Overall I’d give the cakes 3.5 out of 5. 


Stay positive 

Everyone has bad days and everyone feels unhappy during different stages in their lives. Therefore it’s important to have a positive mindset and determine your own happiness. 

Do what you love. Say what you mean. Be with those you love being around. Travel to wherever your heart desires. Dance a little more. Laugh a little louder. 

Stay positive my loves!