Lunch with the besties!

Thai Chicken Pita Wrap

Today was a day to hangout and meet up with my besties. We decided to lunch at White & Co which is a neat restaurant along Marine Drive, Colpetty.

I’d never been to this restaurant before so I was really looking forward to checking out their menu and trying out their food. The menu wasn’t exactly lengthy but the choices and prices were pretty good. I decided to go with the Thai Chicken Pita Wrap which totally surprised me because the greens were so fresh and crunchy. The chicken on the other hand wasn’t so Thai like but I did like the taste nevertheless. 

Later during the day, it was another meet up with another two friends. One wanted to have a light meal so we went with sushi at Nihonbashi, Odel.


Coco Veranda

Everyone has a favourite hangout in town. Mine (for pretty much since its inception)has been Coco Veranda.

Coco V

That’s what it looks like from the outside. It’s located at No. 32 Ward Place, Colombo 7. To be honest, the space isn’t all too large but is cosy and neat.

I love two things about this place – oki on second thought maybe three: firstly I love that the food and drinks are always so good. Consistency is great and customers are hardly ever disappointed. Secondly the oh so friendly staff who are pretty much like friends to me. Lastly I simply love that its located just a street away from where I live!

Black coffee to wake you up!

Here’s what I love on their menu – my favourites might be extensive but hey that’s gonna give you a wide range of choices if you ever do want to try it out! The chicken peri peri sandwich comes in a baguette or ciabatta filled with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, a couple of onions for zest and dynamite tossed up chicken slices. For those who love spicy food, give this a try. I’d recommend you try it along with a fabulous strawberry mojito. Non alcoholic! 

Refreshing iced tea

They keep introducing new items on their menu every month or so there’s always something great to look forward to. Last night I tried out a new addition – a kiwi and apple crush. I loved the tanginess of the kiwi and the fruity apple combination. As a chilled drink, this is something that would melt away the heat and make you feel totally refreshed. I’m also a huge fan of iced teas so anything from lemon to peach is damn good enough for me!

Zesty beverages

Do give their salads a try; the strawberry salad is a must. I also favour the saffron rice with chicken satay for a light lunch. The peanut sauce is perfect unlike in some other restaurants that just can’t get it right.  They’d also personalise certain items on the menu so you can turn a creamy prawn pasta into a chilli spicy one like I do whenever I go there for an early dinner. Pair it with their deluxe white chocolate frappe and you’re set.

Spicy rice

You can’t leave without trying some of their desserts! The famous death by chocolate is a rich chocolaty cake but I’d also recommend you try each and every one of their mouth watering cheesecakes. My favourite is the passion fruit one. Their banofee is something I can’t speak for because I’m not a banana fan but I do have plenty of friends who simply love it.

Passionately passion fruit

Other snack type of foods include tacos – they do a vegetarian version as well as a non vegetarian one with minced meat. It could pass for a light lunch but the average Sri Lankan will find it not too filling. The creamy pumpkin soup is an ideal appetizer if you decide to pair it with a healthy salad. I like having rice in the afternoons so I usually go for a tossed up rice and curry – Coco style! Newly introduced on their menu is also the jollof rice (South African apparently) and their spicy mixed rice (also vegetarian)as part of their daily lunch offers.

Juicy burger

They also have an outlet at Crescat Boulevard located at Colpetty and next to the Cinnamon Grand Hotel. Do hope on over and you’ll definitely keep going back! 🙂

Have a great day all! ♡

*ps – pix courtesy Coco Veranda

Healthy in meals

Of lately my husband and I have been out for meals too often.  It comes with having large families and friends who love having you over and a penchant for trying out new restaurants.  No complaints however, the meals have been amazing but when it comes to being at home, I like to have salads and a few greens plus a couple of fruits occasionally. 


My mother makes the best kind of salads. Today’s was pretty simple however with chopped up cucumber, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes and lettuce.  No sauces as dressing. Instead she adds lime, salt and pepper.  It’s actually pretty good and quite tasty. 


As an early and light dinner I chopped up a red and green apple and tossed them slices together with some pepper to taste.

Bon appetite! Xoxo