Monday Mani!


Dreamy Poppy by Wet N Wild! This one’s an oldie but certainly a goldie when it comes to opacity and ease of application. I just need one thick coat of this polish and I am good to go 🙂


Essie Using My Maiden Name review


Too many obsessions this month I tell you! Here’s yet another review of an Essie polish I have been loving in April. 

Using My Maiden Name is not a 2015 collection polish but is a part of a previous year’s bridal collection. It is described as a pretty blue hydrangea shade which also has a bit of iridescence to it.

As I’ve said before, application is pretty simple and straightforward. Two coats does the trick to reach full opacity. The thin brush applicator makes it easy to apply well on the corners of the nails.

I think personally this is a shade one could wear every spring and even summer regardless of when it was released because it is a fun yet pretty colour on the nails. You need to necessarily wear it while you walk down the aisle but even for a casual day to day occasion.


Loving pastels + tips and trends

pastel pink pants  lovely pastel pink pencil pants of  street style 2013 top fashion pastel pink tig-f23412

Let’s talk spring trends! I want to have different posts on different trends that I’ve seen both on the runway and also on the streets and put things together with my personal ideas. So as my first post, I’m going to talk about pastel shades!

I love pastel shades because I believe it gives a soft and extremely feminine look on any woman. Light and breezy fabrics add to that feeling of spring in the air and who can say no to baby blues, buttery yellows and pastel pinks?


Whether it’s a dress you’re wearing or a pair of jeans and a t shirt, I think it’s super easy to pair pastels wherever you go. If it’s a brunch, let it be a chiffon dress. If it’s a casual lunch date, let it be a skirt and pastel blouse. If it’s an afternoon out with the girls, let is be a pair of pastel jeans and a white tee. It’s just that easy. I got myself three pairs of pastel jeans that I can’t wait to wear in the next couple of days. I got them in baby pink, baby blue and lavender.


If you’re not all in to the whole pastels thing, I bet you’ve got at least one pastel shade pair of shoes in your closet somewhere. Once again, it’s super easy to work with pastel pairs of shoes because they go with just about anything you own. I’ve got plenty of pastel flats that I wear on a day-to-day basis, which are also super comfy and durable.



How cute and adorable do these handbags look? It’s like spring calling out in every sense of the shade ha ha! I don’t know about pairing some of my outfits with such pastel shade handbags simply because in a tropical country like where I live it would get dirty in just a week (what with all the dust and dirt in the air) but I think many can rock this combination with even a complete pastel or non-pastel outfit.


Let’s not forget the makeup shall we??? With the release of the movie Cinderella, there was this MAC range of pastel shaded makeup and I simply fell in love with those colours. Pastel makeup isn’t easy to work with but using single eyeshadows on the complete lid of the eye does create a very ethereal and feminine look, if that’s what you’re going for.

Stay tuned for more spring updates in the coming days!


Essie Blossom Dandy review


Yes, another Essie nail polish review! I got myself some of the spring collection nail polish early last week so here’s my mini review of the shade Blossom Dandy.

I find that this is the perfect shade between a teal blue and sky blue. It’s screams spring in every sense of the shade and I can’t stop wearing it all the time. I needed two coats to achieve full opacity and I just love how well the colour pops on my nails.


Essie Perennial Chic review

Garden Collection - Perennial Chic

Got mail this morning and I was too excited to leave it aside for another so here’s a quick review of my Essie Garden Collection polish – Perennial Chic.

I actually loved all the colours but this is the one that really spoke to me 😀 It’s perfect for everyday wear and is this nude peach like shade.  I must add that it did need two full coats to reach complete opacity. Got two family engagements to attend tomorrow and I believe this polish would go perfectly with my outfits! 

This polish is part of the spring collection for 2015. The collection also includes a light mint like colour which I am also extremely tempted to order. All the polish have floral names to go with them which I absolutely love too.