Pink Lotus 

The Spa Ceylon Royal Indulgence Spa and Store was unveiled a few days ago and I was able to attend the event under the media banner. Every invitee and media personnel were gifted with a limited edition gift pack so here’s a look at mine; 

The gift pack included the Pink Lotus collection which was launched just under a month ago. 

As always, the packaging is just as lovely and the gift bag can be reused in multiple ways. 

I’m not quite sure if I like the fragrance; lotus flowers are a bit hard to get used to and have an extremely strong scent to them. I did give the cleanser, soap bar and liquid silk shine mist a whiff but I kinda sat back with a slight headache. Maybe this isn’t for me but I am willing to give some of the products a go before I pass them into someone who may like it more than I do. 



Organisational DIY’s

Sometimes I tend to do things without realizing. Like organising. Yes, I organise my things without me realising and I actually quite like it when it happens. I noticed the other day I had organised a few bits and bobs and thought I should share the tips with you all.


I had this little rectangular basket in one of the bathroom cupboards. I didn’t realise that I had stored all my little sample tit bits and travel sized lotions, hand creams and shower gels in it. So here’s a step by step guide as to how I re-organised them just for you all to see. Oh, I’ve got a mini candle in there too, a face exfoliating thing (I think I’ve used it only once or twice), an extra travel toothbrush, hand sanitizer, a soap bar and a tub of Vaseline. I find that they all fit inside quite well and was easily stored without looking too shabby.


Now, this I know I put together with a lot of thought because I do value all the products I’ve bought and also received by Spa Ceylon. Yes, I have quite a few things and yes, I do use nearly each and every one of them. On the far right I’ve placed all the hair care products in this floral jewellery holder. The middle includes all the foot care products like my favourite foot mist with peppermint! The left holds the two foot soak tubs and the centre front part holds travel sized shower gels, a body scrub and a compress which I am yet to use with one of the bath and body oils.


Now this is something I’ve made use of instead of just hoarding it somewhere in my closet. I got a gift set from Victoria’s Secret and the products came in this vibrant pink heart-shaped case. Once the products were used up, I didn’t quite know what to do with it so here’s how I’ve organised a few other essentials of mine. I’ve got an extra face scrub in there along with a scented candle (lavender my favourite!), my L’Oreal eyes and lips makeup remover, and my lavender bath salts. See how pretty they look, all organised together 🙂

I hope this somewhat gave you all an idea as to how every day items can be used to organise other bits and bops around your space.


Cardamom Rose Hand Butter review



Yet another review, yes, sorry about that but I feel like it’s about time I talk about this hand butter because I love it so much!

I’m not a hand or body butter type of person to be honest. I do not and have not ever owned any hand and body butters before getting this one as a gift. I wasn’t too thrilled about it until I opened the tub and gave it a whiff. This is the Cardamom Rose Hand Butter by Spa Ceylon Ayurveda and it was originally released during the Christmas season of 2013. They came out with it again end of last year so I believe it’s still up for grab online and in stores if you’re interested.

So as the name suggests, this hand butter smells of rose and cardamom. Not a usual combination of scents but I tell you, it works and it works just great. It’s a great balance between to the floral and the spicy and the texture is just right too. It might feel a bit too heavy at first and when you begin to apply it all over your hands but as you work it in, it really sinks in well. I have been working it extra on my nails and fingers because I feel like that is something most tend to ignore and instead work on the palms.

Product description –  A rich naturally revitalizing hand care treatment with pure mango butter to restore moisture to fatigued skin. Vitamin-rich sweet almond and virgin coconut help nourish , soften and smooth very dry and rough hands, kokum butter helps preserve youthfulness, protecting day and night.


Do I feel a difference after using this overnight? Yeah I actually do. My hands feel softer and there is a slight scent of rose and cardamom that lingers too which took my completely by surprise the very first time I used it. I also like to apply and reapply this during the day whenever I feel like it. Just because I want to!

Would I repurchase it? I probably would… yes, I think I actually would.


Time for a makeup competition!

Makeover 1 (Sri Lanka first health centric website) is partnering with Revlon Lanka for a makeover competition in lieu of Christmas! 
The competition starts on 20 Saturday, December from 10am to 6pm, where participants can walk in at any time and get a free clean up (courtesy of a well known beautician/salon) as well as a nail art, skin consultation and make up.

For more information check out their events page 😀

My week day morning routine

Well… I’ve never done any posts like this before but I have been watching and reading some on similar routines which seem very interesting. Are you guys interested in my morning routine? Oh well, if the answer is YES.. continue reading 😀

My day kick starts the minute my husband wakes up (usually) because sometimes he is just too noisy when he’s getting ready for work. Occasionally though he can be pretty quiet and I don’t even hear him until he’s about to leave the room. Regardless, he’s usually out of the house by 8a.m. and I’m up and about. The first thing I do is grab my phone to check my Whatsapp messages and then a quick short gulp of water, which has me running to the bathroom thereafter to pee 😛

I don’t immediately brush my teeth or wash my face. I’m pretty lazy in the mornings so I tend to take my time doing these morning essentials. Instead, I set up my laptop and start checking my emails and responding to business messages and so on. I’ve been having writer’s block recently so I haven’t really written a solid article in a week but I told myself today would be the day for just one more and yes, mission accomplished! Once I’m done with most of my work, it’s time to read up on some fashion and beauty news. I love looking up new product lines and ranges because this helps with my little in-house business as well and then I also spend a couple of minutes checking on my orders and delivery schedules.

Work, work and work!
Work, work and work!

I tend to get a little carried away when I am working online so by the time I head back to the bathroom the time is about Did I forget to mention how lazy I am in the mornings? If I have no set plans to head out, I simply brush my teeth, wash my face (I use my Clean & Clear Morning Burst Face Scrub or Spa Ceylon White Sandal Face Masque) and then I head downstairs for a light snack. I’m not a breakfast fan so something as light as one slice of bread with some curry, a snack bar or a scrambled egg would do.

Once my breakfast is over, I head back to my room and  get about my own business – this includes making the bed, putting away dirty clothes to be washed and a little bit of tidying up in the room. If I do happen to have to head out, I would hurry to the shower and of course use my favourite body scrub to get myself all clean and sparkly! 😀

Wild Argan Oil Body Scrub
Wild Argan Oil Body Scrub

I tend to spend very little time picking outfits – it is the shoes that take me the longest even though I am a no-fuss sort of person. I started wearing my scarves over my head after going on Hajj so I’m a little more careful about my outfits and matching my scarves than I used to be. For a morning out, I usually pick something in a light or bright colour and never a too dark colour because I feel that it kind of drains my mood. A light and bright outfit on the other hand makes me feel great and happy all the time so…yeah.

Somewhat a casual every day kind of outfit


As boring as it sounds, that’s basically my morning routine. I try to get as much work done in the morning so that I can chill out in the afternoons and work tends to make the time fly. Mornings are over in a jiffy for me. Oh I also forgot to mention that whenever I do have the extra time I watch a movie in the mornings – a Hindi one or English one, doesn’t really matter. I love experimenting with different genres too so basically anything I can find would do.

What do you do during your morning routine? Comment below and let me know!