Glorious Saturday!


A little bit of dreaming and inspiration for you all 🙂

Much love!  Xoxo


Colourful me :D

I don’t often like to mix too many colours together but boy have you got to look at my outfit today! I bought this summer dress some months back from Odel but only just decided to wear it because I wasn’t sure if it would suit me.


As you can see it’s got multiple colours blended together like a tie n dye type of dress. It’s very light and made of cotton so its perfect for the blazing heat that’s taken over Colombo.  Length wise it comes up to my calf so I’m not too concerned about pairing it with leggings today. It’s also got a red cloth belt which I’ve knotted to my left side. It hasn’t got any sleeves so I’ve paired it with a short sleeved bolero from Kelly Felder.


A colourful dress like this needs to be paired with equally colourful accessories but I’m not going to overdo it, don’t worry.  I’ve got out my cross body bag from Nine West today in a gorgeous banana yellow-creme like colour. Plenty of space for my wallet, keys, pocket mirror, tissues, lip balm (Baby Lips by Maybelline in Peppermint) and body mist (Bath and Body Works in White Citrus). Got nothing on my face – decided to keep it fresh and makeup free 🙂

TGIF! Xoxo

Mani time!

TGIF! So happy that it’s finally the weekend! I’ve decided to give my pretty nails a pretty mani of my own. I don’t like going through the whole process that goes down at nail spas so I simply washed my hands, cleaned my nails and picked out a colour.


I’m going with a light and easy on the eyes colour – NYX advanced salon formula nail polish in Elegance.  To say that it’s a light pink is an understatement.  It’s very very very light! One coat doesn’t do the trick at all. In fact one coat makes it almost seem like a pearly whitish shade.  I had to apply three coats to be satisfied with my nail colour.  I don’t know what salon formula has been used or added but the polish also streaks a bit too much. I was sadly not able to get a polished finish. 


Quite light right? 

I probably won’t purchase this colour again. Will have to go for something a little darker than this pearly pink shade.

Much love! Xoxo


You know mannequins that stores prop up with clothes and whatnot. .. well I’ve got a mini table top version of the same kind!  To be honest, my one is made of cloth and includes push pins that come in handy if I want to pin anything.  It’s meant for jewellery items like necklaces and pendants.  For the moment I’ve got four hung on it. Three I got as gifts and one other I purchased myself from Dressup.

Take a look!


Healthy in meals

Of lately my husband and I have been out for meals too often.  It comes with having large families and friends who love having you over and a penchant for trying out new restaurants.  No complaints however, the meals have been amazing but when it comes to being at home, I like to have salads and a few greens plus a couple of fruits occasionally. 


My mother makes the best kind of salads. Today’s was pretty simple however with chopped up cucumber, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes and lettuce.  No sauces as dressing. Instead she adds lime, salt and pepper.  It’s actually pretty good and quite tasty. 


As an early and light dinner I chopped up a red and green apple and tossed them slices together with some pepper to taste.

Bon appetite! Xoxo