ELF Studio Brushes review


I’m no expert on brushes, nor do I use any on a daily basis but I do just a handful and I’d like to talk about two of my favourites – the ELF Studio brushes.

Now I own the single brushes, not the ones that come in sets. I find that it’s useless me buying a complete brush set when I don’t (or rather hardly) use most that come together. So I picked out two brushes sometime last year that I thought would serve the purpose of applying makeup on my face.

Eyeshadow ‘C’ Brush

I tried looking for more detailed on this particular brush just so that my review could be a bit more thorough but sadly, I was unable to find it on the site. Instead what I came across was that it is included in a larger brush set. Anyways, I love this brush to pack on eyeshadow onto my complete eye lid. It gives an easy application and I just turn it sideways to add more punch to the crease line above my eye lids. The synthetic hair is super soft and I find that I can use it with or without water for a good pop of colour. Packing isn’t awesome but it does serve the purpose and I find it to have a good sleek look and solid hold. I haven’t noticed any shedding of hair either which is a definite plus point.

Blush Brush

This is yet another great buy if you’re looking for a good and soft blush brush. I do not apply blush on a regular basis so I also use this to apply my face masque. I find that the soft synthetic hairs and doe shape of it allows easy application of the masque all over my face. Again, the packaging is quite simply but no complaints once more because it serves the purpose. Good hold, sleek hold and no shedding of hair.


NYX Butter Lipstick review

Mary Janes

I love most products by NYX Cosmetics but I’m a newbie when it comes to trying out their range of butter lipsticks.

I got myself the shade Mary Janes especially because I’ve been loving reds recently. Application is quite smooth and colour pigmentation is spot on. There is no need to keep reapplying this because you get a good coverage in one go which makes it more than ideal for long wear and also travel.

This is the only lipstick I carried with me to Malaysia and I wore it every morning and didn’t need to reapply at any point of the day. This range doesn’t have any fragrance in particular which was a slight disappointment for me as I like fragrances in my lip products. 

Packaging isn’t so great. It’s mostly plastic and at the centre one can see the product colour which makes it easy to select if you’ve got plenty of shades stored together. But after a couple of uses it gets a little messy with bits of the product on the packaging as you can tell in the image above.
How would I rate this product?  I think I’d give it a 4 out of 5 and this is mainly because of the poor and cheap packaging but otherwise I do like it.


OPI Samoan Island


Yes, I’ve kind of gone bonkers over OPI nail polish this month.  This is my third review of yet another nail polish by the brand and I have to say, I’m loving it.

What I have on my nails in the above picture is the colour Samoan Island.  Again I don’t know from which year or range it is from because I happened to just pick it up at the Sephora counter at a mall in Jeddah. It might seem like nothing but actually is a very beautiful colour. A very neutral taupe is how I’d describe it.

The opacity is not as bad as you’d think on this one. I only had to apply two coats to get the colour right and it left no streaks or bumps whatsoever. I love the way the application brush glides on the nails and give it an even application.

Great job OPI! Xoxo