Weekly Snap! 

Throwback to last weekend when I found this amongst a pile of old clothes in my sisters old room. 

When the heck did anyone of us wear this?!?

Neon yelloooooow


Still on the subject of summer and neon. It doesn’t get old really. For me, shopping in Sri Lanka and finding something in neon is like finding a diamond in my cereal – very unlikely! But I do skim through fashion magazines online and look around on what’s trending on Pinterest and it seems like the neons are still a rave.

One colour in particular is catching everyone’s eye. The neon yellow. It almost looks like it’s got lime green undertones but comes across as a strong yellow in the sunlight.  The above picture shows classic and simple ways of putting together an outfit with a single neon item – a skirt, blouse or belt.

Easy funky look

It’s easy to accessorise with a neon item because you can either choose to play up the colour or down. Further accessorising it with funky bright colours will play up your complete look whereas mixing it with some nudes will tone it down.

Don’t be afraid to use neon accessories like belts, scarves,  clutch bags and even chunky necklaces. These will further enhance your complete look. Don’t worry about matching things all round, simply mix and match as you please and create a new look.

Florals and neon

Bet you didn’t think neon could be paired with a floral but take a look at the above picture for example;  it creates a diverse chic look on the whole when you do.

I’m still on the lookout for neon accessories which I would like to pair with some of my outfits. If you do happen to find a store, comment below and let me know! In the meantime I think I’ll continue to browse the Internet…