Blue and grey 

This is how my mood is right now – a very pale shade of blue bordering on grey. 

It’s hard to hold on to good things in life and be positive all the time. I know that’s not possible so yeah this is just my emotions right now… However, it is a new week and there’s more to come by so hopefully there’ll be plenty to smile and be happy about soon enough. 


Tuesday’s look

Loving blue

On Tuesdays I occasionally like dressing up when I have to head out on errands and also to meet up with friends. I had lunch scheduled with a close friend of mine so here’s what I picked for the lunchtime occasion:

Blue printed sleeveless dress from Mondy
White short sleeve bolero from Kelly Felder
Deep blue leggings from Pantaloons, India
Light gold shoes from Lakshmis
Silver necklace and charm pendant from Dressup
Cross body bag by Marc Fisher