Looking forward to summer!

It’s summer pretty much all year round in my country but we do have the occasional chilly week or so in December and January. Apart from those two months, you’ll see plenty of sunshine in my tropical home – Sri Lanka. So I think it’s pretty apt for me to say that I know what I am talking about when it comes to summer trends and styles because hey, that’s all us Lankans wear all year long!


I find that prints never really go out of fashion, no matter what season or time of the year. Whether it’s tribal, animal, floral or geometric, prints have a way of staying in trend. Here’s a classic example of a printed dress that can be worn in any season and any time of the day (really!). I love that it is also in very basic colours – black and white. It can be accessorised in pretty much any way you want, with similar coloured pieces of jewellery, handbag and shoes or even spiced up with some colourful bright add-ons.


If you’re going to be rocking prints, you’ve got to give the print mix a go! Who says you can’t mix prints with prints when it can look so good on you? Take the above image for example and see how amazing the outfit looks on the women. It’s got the right kind of colours for summer and works so well with each other to create a unique look. Once again, you can accessorise anyway you like with a solid toned colour or amp it up with some bright hues for a playful look.



It’s up to you if you want to wear long or short dresses really. I’m someone who doesn’t wear anything short so the longer options are the ones for me. However, I find that the occasional short print dress can also be worn if paired well and rightly with a pair of leggings or stockings. What I love about the three above images are the pops of colour, fusion of hues and also the not so drastic but still there prints. Nothing too loud and over dramatic. The third image is a classic example of something I would actually wear, and that tan camel coloured handbag is total gorgeous with the dress!


Gotta say that this is one of my favourite finds! Okay so this might not scream summer or day time casual chic but you can certainly pull it off if you downsize the accessories and put your hair in a ponytail or braid bun. This could totally work for a mid-evening and late night summer kind of look too however and that’s what I love about this dress – it’s versatility.

If you happen to find similar pieces in a store near you, I kindly suggest you pick it off the rack and go pay for it. Prints aren’t going anywhere this year!


Romantic bohemian – tips + trends

I’m back after a two week hiatus to India! I gotta say, it was quite an amazing experience traveling from one city to another and I’ve so many wonderful pictures to share with all you, but of course I’ll leave that for another post. Right now I’m going to be talking about another spring trend I’ve seen pop up literally everywhere including India and right here at home in Sri Lanka and that is the romantic bohemian trends.


I find that this particular trend is somewhat a fusion of prints and textures and that’s something I like a lot. My closet and clothing is pretty much a combination of 80% prints and textures so yeah..!


I find that loose tops are a great part of a bohemian look and the white top with blue embroidery work is something I bought myself while shopping in India at one of my favourite stores in Global Desi. It’s actually kind of a long dress with an asymmetrical bottom which I absolutely love. What makes this trend so special and unique is that you can mix and match items you probably already own in your closet and just make it work. A baggy long tee can be used to create a bohemian look if you just team it up with some long beaded necklaces, a tassle handbag and perhaps a hair adornment to complete it. All you gotta do is make it work!

vestidos verano 2015 India Style

Bold and bright colours are a must as you can see, so dig in deep in your closet for the brightest items of clothing you’ve got. Let’s also not forget the accessories. Accessories make such a huge difference when paired well with an outfit so choose yours wisely to complete your romantic bohemian look.


When it comes to makeup, I think it’s best to keep a subtle look because you’ve already got a lot going on when it comes to your outfit but occasionally I suppose if you keep things light, then you could amp up your makeup.



Smokey eyes and eyeliners in bright bold colours are a huge rave so think out of the box when playing with your makeup. Your nails can be given the same kind of treatment; you can play with pastel shades or go with bright hues.


Xtreme Lip Cream review

2014 has been a year for experimenting with lip products and I must say I have found some holy grail favourites as well as some awful ones I will NOT ever be using. Today I’ll be reviewing the NYX Cosmetics Xtreme Lip Cream in Candy Land. I always pick just one colour when I am first trying out a new product just in case the texture isn’t right or the smell, or something! I happened to pick Candy Land which is quite a bright-like pink so here’s what I think about it:

Candy Land
Candy Land

Unlike the Soft Matte Lip Creams that have a super creamy texture, this one is actually creamy too but possibly slightly runnier. I don’t know how else to describe the texture because it did feel just like that upon application. Pigmentation is top knotch! I had to be pretty careful when applying this because you do not want to get an overload of the colour. The colour pay-off is a tad deeper than shown on the tube however even though I don’t know how that’s possible. Maybe that’s just because my lips are naturally pigmented.

Do NOT expect these to smell as cake batter like. This absolutely STINKS and totally put me off the minute I applied it on my lips. Something really has to be done about it because it totally put me off and I do not ever want to buy another colour in this range ever!!!! If I had to describe the smell I’d have to say its very plastic-y. Not something you’d want anywhere on your body.

Here it is applied onto my lips
Here it is applied onto my lips

Value for money – Yes

Colour pigmentation and pay-off – Amazing

Choice of colour in the range – Quite good

Fragrance – YUCK

Will I purchase again – HECK NO!

I wouldn’t repurchase it simply because the smell is a total put off. It really makes a huge difference when it smells awful and like I said, I do not want it anywhere on my body. Thankfully, the Soft Matte Lip Creams work waaaay better!

I’ve got a couple more product reviews coming up so if you like reading these types of posts, give it a thumbs up and leave a comment below! Thanks and have a great day everyone xoxo!

The Trend Collection

What woman can say ‘no’ to a pair of shoes? Let’s face it; we all need some sort of shoes to don on our precious feet, and why can’t they be just as stylish, spunky and as fabulous as you are!

When it comes to shoes, Sri Lanka doesn’t have all too many stylized stores to go to. Leather Collection (LC) however has been a place where women have been hoarding for years. As one of the most prominent accessories stores in town, LC focuses on not just shoes but also handbags, wallets, belts, shawls, gift items as well as accessories. The brand is synonymous with quality and style, something that the company does not believe in compromising and is also well-known for carrying ranges of accessories that are must-haves and fashion favourites.

Cranberry and gold
Cranberry and gold

On 16 August, they launched their newest Trend Collection at the Leather Collection Flagship Store- a collection also inspired by the fall season. This collection includes strappy minimal sandals, trendy cork wedges, snake print structured bags, suede hobos, woven leather wallets and also some embellished and ethnic heels.

Highlighting the fall season, small sections of the store at Flower Road, Colombo 07, included bags and shoes in particular shades of colour. Pinks and nudes are forever favourites but also included were deep sea blues, reds, oranges and plums. I personally think this is a good way of getting a customer’s attention towards a particular shade instead just a particular style.

Accessories, men's wallets and an array of red structured bags
Accessories, men’s wallets and an array of red structured bags

I’m a sucker for both flats and heels so LC really is like a kid walking into a candy store experience for me. I liked that the new collection includes something for everyone.

If you want something flat, simple and for daily wear, you’ll be sure to find a metallic strap adorned pair on the ground floor. For trendy and funky ethnic wedges, hit the second floor and go by the Kokommo section. For the leather love, Hidesign proves to be a constant favourite and does not disappoint. From ladies handbags to wallets for the men, gentlemen’s satchels to casual sling bags, there’s a vast selection of choices. For occasion wear you’ll find sexy heels and pumps in gorgeous shades lined up on the left side of the ground floor and no, I haven’t forgotten the men – an entire range of accessories await on the lower level of the store which houses shoes, wallets, satchels, passport holders, belts, scarves, cross body bags and more for the metrosexual man in town.


LC is located at No. 26, Flower Road, Colombo 07.

Saturday mani :)

Dreamy Poppy

I’ve been into coral and poppy colours this month. My previous Monday mani was a coral pink toned polish and today’s mani is no different.

I went with an old favourite of mine – Dreamy Poppy by Wet & Wild. I love the easy application and colour opacity. Summer is almost over but I’m still into bright and funky colours like this one. Too many dark colours for a long time don’t hold my attention so for now I’m loving my poppy pretty nails 🙂


Lime green saree look

Keeping my look minimal
Keeping my look minimal

This is quite typical of me but I love sarees! There’s something so beautiful and stylish about six yards of fabric and I can’t get over the amazing varieties you find everywhere. It’s my go-to for most family weddings and homecomings and my family had so many over the past two weeks so I thought I’d make a quick post of what I wore to the first of the many that followed.

This saree was a gift to me by my mother-in-law. It’s a beautiful lime green shaded one with silver rhinestones thrown in the shades area and borders. I love that it also includes a bit of orange, something that is often not paired enough with green and that the rhinestones don’t make the fabric so heavy on the body. There are multiple ways of wearing a saree and this one is particular is simply draped normally and then made to fall gracefully over my left shoulder. That is called the ‘fall’ of the saree. Usually this too is draped and pinned to the shoulder but I occasionally like to wear it this way too.

I kept my accessories at a minimal, with short kitten heels in a metallic colour, my Burberry watch, a stringy bracelet and a platinum set of earrings and necklace, which unfortunately didn’t fit into the frame and I forgot to take a photograph of.

So, what do you girls think?


Rocking red!

Like I’ve previously said, I’ve started to experiment with bolder and brighter colours this year. I’m going to take that as a good thing! I’ve never been comfortable wearing anything too bold in gold or even red. But this year, I’ve slowly begun to actually like plums, maroons and cranberry toned reds on my lips. NYX Cosmetics is one of my top favourite makeup brands and I’ve watched so many beauty bloggers try on and swatch some amazing red lipsticks so I thought I should get a few soft matte lip creams for myself.

New colours in my collection
New colours in my collection

I’m a huge fan of nudes and pinks so as you can see I have plenty of those in my personal stash but the highlight amongst all these wonderful shades was Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo is a deep cranberry red. Once again, I just love how the lip cream glides into my lips and the quick and easy way it sets to a matte look. The colour is so pigmented that it lasts through most of the day. I wore it out to dinner last night and I had good coverage on my lips even after I got back home, so that goes to say how amazing this product is. I also happen to love the cake batter like fragrance all the soft matte lip creams have! Makes it smell so yummy!

Me loving it!
Me loving it!