The pursuit of happiness 


So I’ve learnt that happiness just doesn’t happen because you want it so bad. It’s not something that you can force upon yourself. In the process of healing myself and finding out who I am, I’ve learnt that you have to let happiness come to you. It comes to you in the smallest ways and its up to you to see it and receive it. For me, happiness is in the light rain, the salty breeze by the ocean and the dusky sky. Happiness is a good book on a gloomy day with a glass of chilled iced tea at my favourite t lounge. Happiness is receiving a text from a close friend asking if I am ok and and laughing together at silly thing. Happiness is finding an old momento of something you cherished years ago and finding ways of how you can make use of it today. Happiness is a little bit of retail shopping and finding something you’ve been looking for, for a very long time at half the price. Happiness is your best friend leaving behind all her work and coming over to spend some quality time to be with you. I could go on but you get the just of it… It’s nothing forced upon and so there’s no point in you and I pursuing it oh so constantly. Besides, the best kind of happiness is the unexpected kind 😘 learn to embrace and cherish it.