Double Chocolate CheesecakeĀ 

Celebratory lunch with one of my besties and we treated ourselves to dessert from this fancy place in town šŸ˜‰

I had the double chocolate cheesecake and it was simply divine! Soft and cheesy but also rich so I felt quite full after just half it but made myself eat some more because I knew I’d regret it otherwise. 

Weekly Snap

Yum yum

Gotta love chocolate almond croissants!Ā 

I’d always enjoyed the smaller and plain chocolate croissants with filling inside as a child but of recently, after discovering this variety at one of the local BreadTalk outlets, I’m so in love. You don’t need to have it fresh and warm to enjoy its flavour. Even after its a bit cold, I love the crispness of the chocolate topping and almond flakes. It’s not overly filling to have during a casual afternoon but it wouldn’t leave you wanting to have something else afterwards either so it’s quite sufficient in its own way and makes for my Weekly Snap this second week of August šŸ™‚