Paper Snowflakes 

Found a tutorial on YouTube that showed viewers how to make paper snowflakes so I went on ahead and did a couple myself. 

I must say it’s very therapeutic for me and after two or three, I couldn’t stop myself from trying out some random cutouts myself. 

I don’t exactly know what I’m going to do with these; probably hang them up on a string or use them on brown paper and turn them into wrapping paper perhaps. Another diy, ha! 


Funky new shoes!

PicMonkey Collage


I’ve been going insane this month with all the little sales and discounts at stores. This was an impulsive buy I tell you, but a good one at that 😛

My mum wanted to go for this seasonal sale at the convention centre in town and so I tagged along not wanting her to go by myself. Well, safe to say the sale was a bit of a bummer except for the fact that these shoes were the only thing that caught my eye and my wallet. They costed me just Rs. 1,200 which I must say was a bargain for such a cute and funky pair of shoes. I absolutely love the detail at the front and the back is open so it’s an easy to wear pair.

What’d you think? 😀

Colombo Design Market ’14



Here’s what I love about Christmas – the fact that everyone gets together and all the awesome sales! 😀

The Colombo Design Market isn’t really Christmas related but I am sure a lot of locals will be doing a lot of their shopping on this day. This is a one day event and will be held at at the Laksala Museum on 14 Sunday from onwards. This is a curated design market for homegrown designers, artists, craftsman, musicians and creatives to collaborate, create, showcase and sell their work.

If you’d like to know more about all the participants, check out their Facebook events page!

International Christmas Charity Bazaar!


Colombo seems to be gearing up for Christmas way in advance but I don’t see anyone complaining hee hee! Here’s the poster of one charity event happening.

Stay tuned for more event updates throughout the coming days 🙂


P.S Happy Thanksgiving!