Newbies – bangles!


Just couldn’t help myself you see! There was an Indian design sale going on at Cinnamon Lakeside on Monday up to Wednesday and I visited the sale with the intention of only looking around and really purchasing anything.

There was one stall with jewellery of all sorts and also these beautiful thread and beadwork bangles. There were over ten different colours and it took me quite a while to decide on these two colours alone. They were Rs. 900 a pair which I thought was an okay price. I do like how the colours can be worn together or even as a pair of just two. Like I said, I just couldn’t help myself!


Funky new shoes!

PicMonkey Collage


I’ve been going insane this month with all the little sales and discounts at stores. This was an impulsive buy I tell you, but a good one at that 😛

My mum wanted to go for this seasonal sale at the convention centre in town and so I tagged along not wanting her to go by myself. Well, safe to say the sale was a bit of a bummer except for the fact that these shoes were the only thing that caught my eye and my wallet. They costed me just Rs. 1,200 which I must say was a bargain for such a cute and funky pair of shoes. I absolutely love the detail at the front and the back is open so it’s an easy to wear pair.

What’d you think? 😀

Xtreme Lip Cream review

2014 has been a year for experimenting with lip products and I must say I have found some holy grail favourites as well as some awful ones I will NOT ever be using. Today I’ll be reviewing the NYX Cosmetics Xtreme Lip Cream in Candy Land. I always pick just one colour when I am first trying out a new product just in case the texture isn’t right or the smell, or something! I happened to pick Candy Land which is quite a bright-like pink so here’s what I think about it:

Candy Land
Candy Land

Unlike the Soft Matte Lip Creams that have a super creamy texture, this one is actually creamy too but possibly slightly runnier. I don’t know how else to describe the texture because it did feel just like that upon application. Pigmentation is top knotch! I had to be pretty careful when applying this because you do not want to get an overload of the colour. The colour pay-off is a tad deeper than shown on the tube however even though I don’t know how that’s possible. Maybe that’s just because my lips are naturally pigmented.

Do NOT expect these to smell as cake batter like. This absolutely STINKS and totally put me off the minute I applied it on my lips. Something really has to be done about it because it totally put me off and I do not ever want to buy another colour in this range ever!!!! If I had to describe the smell I’d have to say its very plastic-y. Not something you’d want anywhere on your body.

Here it is applied onto my lips
Here it is applied onto my lips

Value for money – Yes

Colour pigmentation and pay-off – Amazing

Choice of colour in the range – Quite good

Fragrance – YUCK

Will I purchase again – HECK NO!

I wouldn’t repurchase it simply because the smell is a total put off. It really makes a huge difference when it smells awful and like I said, I do not want it anywhere on my body. Thankfully, the Soft Matte Lip Creams work waaaay better!

I’ve got a couple more product reviews coming up so if you like reading these types of posts, give it a thumbs up and leave a comment below! Thanks and have a great day everyone xoxo!

Clothing haul!

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of shopping for clothes, also because I’m leaving for Hajj in a matter of two weeks, and I need a couple of staple pieces to take with me. Amidst all of that, I have also been buying some extra clothing pieces to wear when I get back because… well, because I just can’t help myself! I used to shop a LOT at Odel but of late I have been going to Cotton Collection a hell of a lot as well my other favourite store Mondy. So I’ll be showing you guys some of the clothing items I got 😀

Pants, pants, pants and pants!
Pants, pants, pants and pants!

I can’t help myself when I come across cotton pants. I got four of the same type in different colours simply because they are too soft and comfortable when worn. They are also a loose fit so I will be taking these with me to Saudi. Here’s a closer look: (oh please don’t mind the crease!)

PicMonkey Collagecc

I got these pants from Cotton Collection for just about Rs. 1,600 each which I think is a really good price for something that’s super soft, comfortable and easy on the eyes.

I love shopping at Mondy simply because they have a good understanding of body types and sizes unlike some of the other stores. Their clothes always fits so well on me and looks just as great which is why I continue going there. Here’s a look at what I got from there:

Teal shirt top
Teal shirt top

I don’t own anything in this shade so I knew I had to have it the moment I saw it. Plus, I did purchase two palazzo pants some time back and I thought this would really go well with one of them. It’s got cute frill detail on the shoulders, a little pocket highlighted with a black rim and more detail on the back that you can pull back and tie into a bow. It’s unfortunately got like the longest ever sleeves but I plan to fold them over a couple of times when wearing them so that it does not look sloppy on me. This retails for about Rs. 2,000-2,600.


The one of the right is another I got from Mondy whilst the left and one in the middle are gifts from my mum who took a trip to India a few weeks ago and bought them at my favourite store – Global Desi. All three have unique prints on them which I love and can be worn for different ocassions. I do not know how much the tops from India retail for but the blue and white from Mondy retails between Rs. 1,800-2,400.

So what’d you think? 🙂