Comfort Pain Reliever Balm review

By Spa Ceylon Ayurveda

While I was away I packed my Comfort Pain Reliever Balm by Spa Ceylon Ayurveda with me. I didn’t think I’d use it all that very much but carried it in my little pouch of medicines just in case.

It definitely came in handy when I had sneezing fits in the wee hours of the morning and aching feet after long hours of walking in the haram. Inclusive of spices such as cinnamon, peppermint, black pepper, lemongrass and cloves what it claims to do is provide fast action and comforting relief from muscular body pain, joint aches and sprains, soothes sores and muscle strain while it also soothes and comforts the senses.

I’d have to say that it does the trick in soothing and comforting the senses as well as provide relief for muscular aches. As for sprains it doesn’t quite work for me. I had a terrible foot sprain one time and even I generously applied it and massaged well and proper, I didn’t have the relief and comfort I was needing.  However I must add that inhaling the spicy fragrance cures a mild headache and blocked nose.

Overall I’d give it a thumbs up! Xoxo


Beat the tropical heat!

Yes, it gets pretty hot and blaring in my country. Sri Lanka is one of the many Asian country’s that experiences a lot of heat throughout the year so you always have to be prepared to dress up accordingly. Our people mainly focus on keeping a casual chic look during the day because one tends to get hot and sweaty at random times if the humidity level rises. Many of the clothing brands and labels available therefore tend to focus on easy-going, light and airy type of wear. Here’s an in-depth read about one that recently launched a range of lovely tropical linens.

Chic summer linens
Chic summer linens

Flavoured by the tropics and swathed by the exotic beauty of an island where the sun, sand and sea is undoubtedly a way of life, COCO Linens is all about comfort. Hot Sri Lankan summers paint beautiful hues of a colourful tropical paradise, insisting that the golden sun and balmy breezes enliven a feel of freedom with friendliness. COCO Linens infuses that feel of freedom into a range of solid and printed linen dresses, shorts, crops, palazzo pants and maxi skirts. Simply ‘Flirt with Linen’ and don absolute comfort as you slip into a printed shift dress or feel stylish in pleated or embroidered linens, some embellished with pintucks. Being in Vogue, is the hallmark of COCO Linens, which gives you the option of being hot and snazzy or cool and charming or even a little bit of both at the same time. But being flirty is not just for the ladies, COCO Linens also instils an elegant casualness to the man who wants to be stylishly cool.  Get in with the earthy tones of whites, camel and havana, create a jaunty air in tango or yellow or be the maverick in printed linens of turquoise and pinks. Going ethnic with kurtas can be an option, while adding a dash of dapper with a coterie of tropical hued shirts into the wardrobe of the man about town, is surely compulsory in the style files. A linen collection for cute little ones is also available, ensuring that shopping at Cotton Collection is a fashionable experience for all age groups. Let COCO Linens flirt with your style, tweak your imagination and create a space for your unique individuality.  Embrace the island life; be cool, be hot, be chic, be swanky. Make COCO Linens your lifestyle, and live life passionately in this island in the sun.

COCO Linens are available at Cotton Collection, No. 143 Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 07.

Weekly Snap!

Cardamom Rose Aromaveda Sachet Collection
Cardamom Rose Aromaveda Sachet Collection

I’m all for holistic and luxury pampering so featured as my Weekly Snap is a gift I received from a bestie – the Cardamom Rose Aromaveda Sachet Collection from Spa Ceylon Ayurveda.

Overall Review

The collection includes three luxury fragrance sachets that uniquely combine natural volcanic minerals with pure essential oils to infuse your living spaces with rich natural aromas. I love their jasmine range so this was a change for me as I haven’t previously purchased anything of their products in the Cardamom Rose range. However, I was surprised when I found myself loving this fragrance as well. It doesn’t come across as strong and overwhelming as you’d think and I suppose that’s one reason why I like it. Each sachet ingredients are individually blended to ensure the natural well-being benefits of the essential oils are preserved well and truly. They are meant to soothe, calm and relax the mind, body and soul. I’m yet to start using them so let’s see if the sachets live up to what their supposed to do.

The sachet and gift box are adorned with royal insignia inspired by the Royal Kandyan courts of ancient Ceylon. This is something you’ll notice in many of the products by Spa Ceylon. If you want to know more about the brand and their products, check out their site.

How To Use

Remove cellophane covers and place sachets in suitable locations, preferably close to air vents, inside pillow cases, in wardrobes between clothes, suitcases or under drawer liners. To refresh the aroma add a few drops of the Spa Ceylon Essential Oil Blend to each sachet as required.