I pray

I pray… You fall for a man with empathy; a man with kindness in his heart; a man who isn’t afraid, ashamed or shy to show affection in public; a man who respects your individuality; a man who listens to your opinions and value them; a man who craves for adventure as much as you do; a man who will feed into your dreams and want them to come true just as much as you; a man who is patient with your downfalls and a man who is passionate about being in love with you… I pray. 

Mother’s Day ♥


Here’s to all the mothers around the world – to the single mums, the working mums, the stay at home mums, the compassionate mums, the determined mums, the grumpy mums, the beautiful mums, the moody mums, the funny mums, the loving mums, the annoying mums, the kind mums, the thoughtful mums, the crazy mums, the hobo mums, the dynamic mums, the fashionable mums, the cranky mums, the weird mums, the over-bearing mums, the loud mums, the silly mums, the knowledgeable mums, the sporty mums, the challenging mums, the soft-spoken mums; the great cook, the driver, the sitter, the cleaner, the best friend, the caretaker, the mechanic, the cheerleader, the teacher, the stylist, the confidant and the nurse. You are everything and more to us. We do not cherish and appreciate you just for today but we do always. We love you with all our hearts. After all we’re the only ones who know the sound of your heart beat from the inside ♡