Never change 


Are unhappy with the way you have been created? I kinda thought I was until I realized that the negativity wasn’t coming from within me…. It’s easy to be fooled by those around and close to us and fall prey to what they say especially if we put our trust in them. If they are the type of people who find fault in you and make you feel bad for being who you are, they don’t deserve to be a part of your life. Be happy with the way you are. Never change just to please someone else. 

Colombo Design Market ’14



Here’s what I love about Christmas – the fact that everyone gets together and all the awesome sales! 😀

The Colombo Design Market isn’t really Christmas related but I am sure a lot of locals will be doing a lot of their shopping on this day. This is a one day event and will be held at at the Laksala Museum on 14 Sunday from onwards. This is a curated design market for homegrown designers, artists, craftsman, musicians and creatives to collaborate, create, showcase and sell their work.

If you’d like to know more about all the participants, check out their Facebook events page!