Newbies this week at Mondy

Shopping in Colombo is actually very limited but one of my favourite stores happen to be Mondy.

I find that the available styles and designs really suit women of all ages and sizes, and the variety most suitable. A section of their store also houses kurtas and tunics and I absolutely love heading there first whenever I visit. I have mentioned shopping at Mondy’s on more than a handful of occasions so have a look at the pieces of clothing I bought from them here, here, here, here, and here!

Their most recent collection of clothing was just released and I had to highlight some of my favourite looks:








All white

This is something I’ve noticed while skimming through online magazines – women are putting together white on white outfits this summer.

On a personal note, I don’t see myself doing this unless I were at a funeral or the occasion called for a particular dress code in all white. I’d be too worried about getting my outfit dirty more than anything else but here are some fabulous looks I found online:

Stylish and chic
Two great looks - office chic and cocktail glam

As you can see it does look quite simple to pair white with white. The picture on the left shows a woman looking stylish and chic but also business ready. The woman on the right hand is donning a more glam look in comparison. I love both the looks and they are put together with just a few items. A slim fit dress with a unique front cut makes do for a formal occasion whereas white sleek pants, a light pencil jacket and push up bra creates a uber chic look.

Casual day look dress

Now this is something you can put together for a casual day look. If you don’t like leaving your arms bare, pair it with a white bolero or long cardigan. This is something anyone can pull off with hardly much effort. 


Hello yellow

Is it just me or is there a whole lot of yellow going around at this time of the year? I’m not feeling the colour as I did a few months back but thats probably because in my country we don’t have seasons 😛 My love for colours are based on whims and moods so if anyone were to ask me what my favourite colour is ten times in ten months, they’d probably get ten different answers!

I like it that way but let’s not deviate from this flourishing yellow business that’s going on. March this year also saw many local and foreign fashion designers showcase designs that were in yellow during Colombo Fashion Week.

Yellow on the runway

I love the way the colour was incorporated into multi coloured outfits and also used to emphasis the complete look like in the third picture above from the left.

Men in Yellow

Men’s outfits also took a yellow turn as you can see. I definitely liked what I saw and think it’s something that can be well incorporated into our daily wear as well.

It’s not so easy to take pictures of people in my country without a true purpose and explaining my reasons behind blogging wouldn’t often work either so I’ve looked up some simple ways to yellow style from fashionable people around the world:

Power to yellow

A simply flowy skirt can easily be paired with a tee or a dress can be accessorised with other bold colours like red. You can also choose to mix prints and since florals are still in, work with it.


A casual day clutch can pump up a look with ease and make you stand out. Bold clutches like these are definite must haves. If you’re not the type to reveal your arms, go for a soft cardigan like the one shown in the above picture. 

It’s really as easy as it looks, as long as you keep it simple. A yellow ethnic kurta or chiffon blouse can be paired with some fancy black pants or beige straight cut jeans. Keep your other accessories neutral so as to not overpower the complete look.

Have a great day! ♡

* ps – pix courtesy Nadun Banduge for Colombo Fashion Week.