OPI Nordic Mini Collection review

This was something I promised to post about (obviously) over a month ago but didn’t end up doing so here it is finally. I know it’s late in the sense that there are so many newer collections for the Fall but I’m still very much in love with these cute and adorable shades from the Nordic Collection by OPI that I don’t really care if it’s late or not. I featured it in September as one of my Weekly Snaps and you can check that out here.

So once again the colours in this mini collection includes My Dog Sledge is a Hybrid (a turquoise blue green shade), Do You Have This Colour in Stock-Holm (a grape like purple shade), My Voice is a Little Norse (a glitter shade) and lastly How Great is your Dane (a taupe brown shade).

How Great is Your Dane?

Now this colour is not something I’d pick up on it’s own but I love that it’s in this collection. I think it’s because I’m able to pair it with the glitter shade and together they look oh so fancy. It’s a cool chocolate brown shade and went on well with just one coat on each nail.

How Great is Your Dane paired with My Voice is A Little Norse
How Great is Your Dane paired with My Voice is A Little Norse

There you go! See how pretty these two are when paired together 😀 The glitters did not need double coating or anything either and went on well with plenty of flecks with just one application. I’d love to wear it on it’s own too.

Do You Have This In Stock-Holm?
Do You Have This In Stock-Holm?

What a pretty purple grape shade. This is another beauty! I’m not all up for purples and plums on my nails but I love the look of this. It’s not an overbearing shade and I think anyone can carry this off. I needed two coats to get the right opacity but I ain’t complaining cause it’s such a beautiful and lively colour.

My Dogsled is A Hybrid
My Dog Sledge is A Hybrid

I’m a huge teal and mint fan and this is like the perfect hybrid colour for me. It’s such a cool and fun colour and I know Fall is for dark toned colours but I just don’t care. I’m wearing this right now and I can’t stop looking at my nails with the hugest grin plastered on. I needed two coats for this as well and again, no complaints there. Just simply love this!

Overall I think this mini collection was a fabulous buy and worth the money I spent (including shipping). I love all four shades and will definitely be wearing them occasionally this year and perhaps even the next!

What are your favourite shades from the Nordic Collection?