Street chic

It’s Paris Couture Week and I believe that the best fashion pics are spotted not just on the runway but also off the runway – in the streets!

Here are a couple of my favourites:

Alexandra Rokhinova 2 Vogue 29Jan15 Dvora_b_1080x720


Zarina Rasueva 2 Vogue 29Jan15 Dvora_b_1080x720


Sofie Valkiers 1 Vogue 29Jan15 Dvora_b_1080x720

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Lorena Vergani 2 Vogue 27Jan15 Dvora_b_1080x720



Yellow pom pom Vogue 27Jan15 Dvora_b_1080x720

These were images I found on the Vogue site and I’ve also seen some pretty amazing street chic styles all over Facebook as well.

I’ve a couple of favourite designers who showcased their collections at Paris Couture Week so stay tuned for my favourite runway looks in the coming days 🙂


Concept 2015


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The FH Studio takes exclusive menswear to new heights with the second edition of its annual ‘Concept’ show. ‘Concept 2015’, a fashion show of international class is conceptualized by renowned men’s fashion consultant Fouzul Hameed and will enhance the Sri Lankan men’s fashion arena. ‘Concept 2015’ will be held on Saturday 22 November 2014 at Water’s Edge and will showcase an exclusive range of menswear that will transform the man of today into the man of tomorrow.

‘Concept 2015’ will showcase a total of nine collections, which include the Blue Story, a Printed look, Denim look, Italian look, Indoor Western look, Fusion look, Formal look, Power Dressing look, and Ceremonial look. Inspired by European architecture and the colours of nature, this show will forecast fashion trends a year in advance, allowing men to be more aware of the trends they need to lookout for and use to dress for different occasions. Adding an element of glamour to the show, renowned local and international models will showcase each collection at the event.

Commenting on the launch, Fouzul Hameed, Managing Director of the Hameedia Group stated, “A man needs many things in life to be complete, which is a healthy life, comfortable traveling, perfect grooming, ease of mind and a heart to give back to the society. ‘Concept 2015’ show revolves around that purpose. Last year we took a great leap forward by launching our very own fashion show. The show has been created to change the landscape of menswear fashion in Sri Lanka. The way someone is dressed defines their personality and this show is all about showcasing the extensive range of clothing that we create for men. It’s all about showing men that their clothes need not be rudimentary and discreet, the show helps men realize that they can make great fashion choices for every occasion. Prasad Bidapa comes on board again this year as the choreographer for ‘Concept 2015’. We are honoured to partner with him and his experience and expertise will undoubtedly give the show an international look and feel, making it the most anticipated menswear extravaganza in the local fashion calendar.”

PicMonkey Collage2

Hameed further added, “Serving society is a core value of the Hameedia Group, and ‘Concept 2015’ will feature a variety of fundraising initiatives. Many strategic partners are joining our fundraising efforts this year by supporting this event and all proceeds collected via ‘Concept 2015’ will be channelled towards the ‘My Friend’ project, which helps educate underprivileged and marginalized children across the country. The Captain of Sri Lanka’s National Cricket Team, Angelo Matthews, is a trustee and ambassador of the ‘My Friend’ project and he continues to support all the fundraising initiatives we have planned for the project at ‘Concept 2015’.

Fouzul Hameed is the mogul of menswear in Sri Lanka and the upcoming ‘Concept 2015’ show is set to further enhance the Sri Lankan men’s fashion arena and uplift the FH brand to international standards. The collections that will be showcased at the event encompass over 60 years of tradition, know-how and expertise and will truly raise the bar of the local menswear industry. ‘Concept 2015’ will look towards future seasons while expanding on lifestyle-influenced designs that are tailored to suit every individual.

Issued by: Arc Worldwide Sri Lanka; a part of Leo Burnett Solutions Inc.

Xtreme Lip Cream review

2014 has been a year for experimenting with lip products and I must say I have found some holy grail favourites as well as some awful ones I will NOT ever be using. Today I’ll be reviewing the NYX Cosmetics Xtreme Lip Cream in Candy Land. I always pick just one colour when I am first trying out a new product just in case the texture isn’t right or the smell, or something! I happened to pick Candy Land which is quite a bright-like pink so here’s what I think about it:

Candy Land
Candy Land

Unlike the Soft Matte Lip Creams that have a super creamy texture, this one is actually creamy too but possibly slightly runnier. I don’t know how else to describe the texture because it did feel just like that upon application. Pigmentation is top knotch! I had to be pretty careful when applying this because you do not want to get an overload of the colour. The colour pay-off is a tad deeper than shown on the tube however even though I don’t know how that’s possible. Maybe that’s just because my lips are naturally pigmented.

Do NOT expect these to smell as cake batter like. This absolutely STINKS and totally put me off the minute I applied it on my lips. Something really has to be done about it because it totally put me off and I do not ever want to buy another colour in this range ever!!!! If I had to describe the smell I’d have to say its very plastic-y. Not something you’d want anywhere on your body.

Here it is applied onto my lips
Here it is applied onto my lips

Value for money – Yes

Colour pigmentation and pay-off – Amazing

Choice of colour in the range – Quite good

Fragrance – YUCK

Will I purchase again – HECK NO!

I wouldn’t repurchase it simply because the smell is a total put off. It really makes a huge difference when it smells awful and like I said, I do not want it anywhere on my body. Thankfully, the Soft Matte Lip Creams work waaaay better!

I’ve got a couple more product reviews coming up so if you like reading these types of posts, give it a thumbs up and leave a comment below! Thanks and have a great day everyone xoxo!

Clothing haul!

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of shopping for clothes, also because I’m leaving for Hajj in a matter of two weeks, and I need a couple of staple pieces to take with me. Amidst all of that, I have also been buying some extra clothing pieces to wear when I get back because… well, because I just can’t help myself! I used to shop a LOT at Odel but of late I have been going to Cotton Collection a hell of a lot as well my other favourite store Mondy. So I’ll be showing you guys some of the clothing items I got 😀

Pants, pants, pants and pants!
Pants, pants, pants and pants!

I can’t help myself when I come across cotton pants. I got four of the same type in different colours simply because they are too soft and comfortable when worn. They are also a loose fit so I will be taking these with me to Saudi. Here’s a closer look: (oh please don’t mind the crease!)

PicMonkey Collagecc

I got these pants from Cotton Collection for just about Rs. 1,600 each which I think is a really good price for something that’s super soft, comfortable and easy on the eyes.

I love shopping at Mondy simply because they have a good understanding of body types and sizes unlike some of the other stores. Their clothes always fits so well on me and looks just as great which is why I continue going there. Here’s a look at what I got from there:

Teal shirt top
Teal shirt top

I don’t own anything in this shade so I knew I had to have it the moment I saw it. Plus, I did purchase two palazzo pants some time back and I thought this would really go well with one of them. It’s got cute frill detail on the shoulders, a little pocket highlighted with a black rim and more detail on the back that you can pull back and tie into a bow. It’s unfortunately got like the longest ever sleeves but I plan to fold them over a couple of times when wearing them so that it does not look sloppy on me. This retails for about Rs. 2,000-2,600.


The one of the right is another I got from Mondy whilst the left and one in the middle are gifts from my mum who took a trip to India a few weeks ago and bought them at my favourite store – Global Desi. All three have unique prints on them which I love and can be worn for different ocassions. I do not know how much the tops from India retail for but the blue and white from Mondy retails between Rs. 1,800-2,400.

So what’d you think? 🙂


Colombo Fashion Week Resort Show 2014

The third edition of the HSBC Colombo Fashion Week Resort Show will be held from 1 to 4 October in Negombo. CFW has proved to be the backbone of the Sri Lankan fashion design industry, celebrating its 11th year with the launch of its third annual show focusing on a collection of resort wear outfits. This much anticipated seasonal fashion showcase that has been well received by the fashion public in both Sri Lanka and the region; is to take place at Jetwing Blue and Jetwing Beach. The unique annual Resort Show will also focus on a variety of new features this year.

Commenting of CFW’s vision behind the show, Ajai V Singh, President Colombo Fashion Week stated, “Resort is a growing category around the world, and it’s new. I personally feel Sri Lanka is very well positioned to take a lead to create a regional resort wear pivot. This year, CFW Resort Show is a four day showcase of the brightest Sri Lankan fashion talent, we are very proud of that and excited about the new opportunities we have been able to create for Sri Lankan designers. At CFW we are determined to take the Sri Lankan fashion industry from strength to strength.”

The HSBC CFW Resot Show 2014 head table
The HSBC CFW Resot Show 2014 head table

The HSBC CFW Resort Show will celebrate the historic town of Negombo, where the first HSBC CFW Resort Wear Show was held. Negombo, a vibrant town that is home to the oldest fishing industry in Sri Lanka, lies amidst a colourful cultural and historical setting.

“We are pleased to once again be the resort partner for this extremely special and unique event, which continuously adds value and enhances Sri Lankan fashion. This time around, the CFW Resort Show quite rightly heads to the beach – and the beaches of Negombo provide the perfect venue to showcase the diverse creativity, talent, and commitment of our upcoming young designers. We look forward to the best HSBC CFW Resort Show yet!” stated Ishanth Gunawardene, Head of Sales and Marketing, Jetwing Hotels.

New items featured at the show will include a series of ‘Bright Sparks’ shows which were launched earlier this year with talented young undergraduates from a variety of Sri Lanka’s leading fashion institutes. A series of pop up shops will be featured prominently at the show for the first time this year. Pop up shops will be designed to create a sale point for items which will be showcased at the event. The shops will be designed by young architects who will compete for the opportunity to create the ultimate shop design.  This year, Jetwing will add excitement to the show by featuring two internationally renowned chefs (Daniel Hebet and Kenneth Loke) who will create a series of culinary masterpieces at the event. The show is to end with all the glitz and glamour of its legendary after parties this year.

Issued by   :      Arc Worldwide Sri Lanka; a part of Leo Burnett Solutions Inc.

Moving towards Fall

Fall might not be a season felt all well in a tropical country like Sri Lanka but nevertheless, department and lifestyle stores do tend to change their clothing lines and accessories range to be fitting. In that sense, we do steer towards a more fashionable fall if not weather-wise.

Whilst typically autumn highlights orange, yellow and dusky tones, in recent times international fashion designers have also brought forward clothing and accessory lines that highlight deeper tones like plums, maroons and khaki greens.

PicMonkey Collage11111

A person’s wardrobe in a tropical country need not change all too much to follow the latest trends of the fall season. A handful of clothing items and a similar number of accessories to mix and match will do the trick. For example, a staple fall item would be a light leather jacket. No one in their right mind would wear one in this country so let’s forget about adapting to such trends. What you choose to wear has not only got to look trendy but also work in the environment you live in. Instead of such a piece, how about going for a scarf in a fall colour? A scarf is quite a multi-purpose clothing item and depending on its size, you can do wonders with one. You can wrap it around your neck, hang it along one shoulder, knot it around your handbag as a bow or added accessory and so on. A multi-purpose one is a deep purple or orange hue can be worn during any occasion.


A tunic with three-quarter sleeves would be another staple. Something that probably covers your butt and ends somewhere towards your knees and can be paired with a pair of dark washed leggings would be ideal. Look for tunics in navy blue, plum, ebony, and even maroon to complete your fall look. Add a bit of funk by looking for ones with a belt (if not you can add one yourself), some studs on the neckline, cuffs or even chunky buttons.

Structured handbags are a fall staple as well. Choose ones in bright pumpkin orange, vampire purple and blood red for a touch of sophistication. These bags will not only hold your daily essentials, but they will also accentuate your entire look. Snakeskin and suede textures are fall favourites as well.

The same goes for your footwear. The tropics aren’t suitable for boots and whatnots so look for pairs with small tassels, studs, zippers and different textures. Again, go for the bold and sturdy colours for the fall. Burgundy is a great choice for an everyday look. Black is something you can never go wrong with. Pump up the look with a sandal that also had a bit of beads or even metallics if you like.


Women tend to go wrong almost always with their makeup. Don’t be overachieving and go for a vampire blood thirsty look. Smokey eyes are perfect for this season so experiment a little with navy blues, khaki greens and bronze shades on the eyes. For the lips, choose shades of red. Instead of going for a glossy look with lip gloss or an overly bright balm, choose a colour that is matte and more bold on your lips.

PicMonkey Collage222

For the rest of your accessories, do not keep it overly muted. Fall is also a colourful season so oranges are a great way of accessorising. Pearly strands, metallic bangles and drop earrings will do.


*As published in the Ceylon Today newspapers*

**Images courtesy Google Images**

The Trend Collection

What woman can say ‘no’ to a pair of shoes? Let’s face it; we all need some sort of shoes to don on our precious feet, and why can’t they be just as stylish, spunky and as fabulous as you are!

When it comes to shoes, Sri Lanka doesn’t have all too many stylized stores to go to. Leather Collection (LC) however has been a place where women have been hoarding for years. As one of the most prominent accessories stores in town, LC focuses on not just shoes but also handbags, wallets, belts, shawls, gift items as well as accessories. The brand is synonymous with quality and style, something that the company does not believe in compromising and is also well-known for carrying ranges of accessories that are must-haves and fashion favourites.

Cranberry and gold
Cranberry and gold

On 16 August, they launched their newest Trend Collection at the Leather Collection Flagship Store- a collection also inspired by the fall season. This collection includes strappy minimal sandals, trendy cork wedges, snake print structured bags, suede hobos, woven leather wallets and also some embellished and ethnic heels.

Highlighting the fall season, small sections of the store at Flower Road, Colombo 07, included bags and shoes in particular shades of colour. Pinks and nudes are forever favourites but also included were deep sea blues, reds, oranges and plums. I personally think this is a good way of getting a customer’s attention towards a particular shade instead just a particular style.

Accessories, men's wallets and an array of red structured bags
Accessories, men’s wallets and an array of red structured bags

I’m a sucker for both flats and heels so LC really is like a kid walking into a candy store experience for me. I liked that the new collection includes something for everyone.

If you want something flat, simple and for daily wear, you’ll be sure to find a metallic strap adorned pair on the ground floor. For trendy and funky ethnic wedges, hit the second floor and go by the Kokommo section. For the leather love, Hidesign proves to be a constant favourite and does not disappoint. From ladies handbags to wallets for the men, gentlemen’s satchels to casual sling bags, there’s a vast selection of choices. For occasion wear you’ll find sexy heels and pumps in gorgeous shades lined up on the left side of the ground floor and no, I haven’t forgotten the men – an entire range of accessories await on the lower level of the store which houses shoes, wallets, satchels, passport holders, belts, scarves, cross body bags and more for the metrosexual man in town.


LC is located at No. 26, Flower Road, Colombo 07.