Haute Couture: Georges Hobeika SS15

I’ve been in love with his designs for years. There really are no words to describe how creative Georges Hobeika truly is. For those of you who are unaware of who he is, Hobeika is a Lebanese fashion designer of haute couture and ready-to-wear clothing. I became acquainted with his work when he came down to Sri Lanka a few years ago for a fashion show.

I did a review of one of his collections sometime last year (Monet’s Midnight Stroll) and so this would be my second but first for Spring and Summer 2015. Hobeika showcased his latest designs at Paris Couture Week and here are a few of my favourites!


You’d notice that his entire collection consists of full and knee length gowns and dresses. It’s easy to admit that he hardly ever designs pants. His love for somber and soft shades are also once again highlighted. As for the silhouettes, I find that the full bloom effect complements the coming Spring season and is therefore far more than ideal and appealing.



I’d describe the collection as utterly and entirely feminine – dainty like and sweet unlike some of the other collection showcased by fashion designers this season. I also absolutely love the intricate detailing in each of his designs, be the florals or the sparkles.




Hobeika has a liking towards using crepe and silk chiffon to create both captivating and sensual silhouettes for the ideal woman in mind. I find that this is also what makes his designs stand out from the rest.



I’d like to know what your thoughts are on this collection – comment below and let me know!


Favourite vintage earrings

This weekend I thought I’d arrange my jewellery organizer (particularly the one that holds my earrings). I know I haven’t done anything of this sort before so I thought I’ll feature some of my favourite vintage earrings in one post. Hope you all like it!

Starfish earrings!
Starfish earrings!


This is a pair I bought online and I absolutely love. I actually had forgotten about this cute pair until a few days when I was looking for a small pouch and found this pair inside. I can’t believe I forgot all about it because a few years these were the only pairs I’d wear on a regular basis but oh well, I’m glad I found them anyways. They are exactly how starfish are, with the grainy texture and all that and work well with most of my basic every day looks which is why I wore them pretty much all the time.


Dressy pair
Dressy pair




Now this is a pair I got at Forever21, in New York two years ago. I still love it because it has a timeless look to it and can be paired with almost any evening outfit. It’s black and gold but not overly shiny or anything of the sort which is another plus for me because I do not like overly shiny pieces of jewellery.



Vintage black pair
Vintage black pair





This is another one of my most favourite pairs and also another one I got online. I love tiny pairs like this with tons of detail. This almost has an ethnic tribal vibe to it but the colour and make make it ideal to pair with even a modern contemporary outfit. I love pairing this with an evening dress in black or navy blue. Then again, I’ve also worn this during the day and it works well with some of my work wear.



Vintage floral pair
Vintage floral pair




Lastly, here is another online buy. This is an absolute favourite because it screams vintage! The 3D floral detail adds a very feminine element to my look and I love pairing this with a floral kurta or even a solid coloured tunic for a casual yet pretty day look. I should probably add that this is super light and does not weight down my ears at all. Super convenient in that sense and I simply love it.