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Let’s talk spring trends! I want to have different posts on different trends that I’ve seen both on the runway and also on the streets and put things together with my personal ideas. So as my first post, I’m going to talk about pastel shades!

I love pastel shades because I believe it gives a soft and extremely feminine look on any woman. Light and breezy fabrics add to that feeling of spring in the air and who can say no to baby blues, buttery yellows and pastel pinks?


Whether it’s a dress you’re wearing or a pair of jeans and a t shirt, I think it’s super easy to pair pastels wherever you go. If it’s a brunch, let it be a chiffon dress. If it’s a casual lunch date, let it be a skirt and pastel blouse. If it’s an afternoon out with the girls, let is be a pair of pastel jeans and a white tee. It’s just that easy. I got myself three pairs of pastel jeans that I can’t wait to wear in the next couple of days. I got them in baby pink, baby blue and lavender.


If you’re not all in to the whole pastels thing, I bet you’ve got at least one pastel shade pair of shoes in your closet somewhere. Once again, it’s super easy to work with pastel pairs of shoes because they go with just about anything you own. I’ve got plenty of pastel flats that I wear on a day-to-day basis, which are also super comfy and durable.



How cute and adorable do these handbags look? It’s like spring calling out in every sense of the shade ha ha! I don’t know about pairing some of my outfits with such pastel shade handbags simply because in a tropical country like where I live it would get dirty in just a week (what with all the dust and dirt in the air) but I think many can rock this combination with even a complete pastel or non-pastel outfit.


Let’s not forget the makeup shall we??? With the release of the movie Cinderella, there was this MAC range of pastel shaded makeup and I simply fell in love with those colours. Pastel makeup isn’t easy to work with but using single eyeshadows on the complete lid of the eye does create a very ethereal and feminine look, if that’s what you’re going for.

Stay tuned for more spring updates in the coming days!



Weekly Snap

Charm pair of earrings

For my Weekly Snap, I’m featuring an oh so favourite charm pair of earrings I had customized by Firefly.

This Facebook page is by a lady who makes her own jewellery pieces by hand, inclusive of beautiful and intricate charms, beads and wires. The charms that make up my earrings were a part of a longer pair of earrings so I contacted her and asked if I could have it with only the charm. A few days later, it was done and ready! How cute is it 😀


The Perfumed Garden ’13

The fashion scene in Colombo is changing. I’m not only talking about the influence coming from the western part of the world, but there’s a growing community of entrepreneurs, models and of course fashion designers who are creating a niche of their own and carving out identities that are inspiring. The fashion industry itself has evolved over the past few years and for someone who loves fashion as much as I do, it’s a thrill to see this happening in my paradise island!

Thanks to my job as a freelance writer I’ve been able to view many fashion shows in town including Colombo Fashion Week that has been held consecutively for the past 11 years. I’ve made friends with some of the designers who have showcased their work on the ramp and today I’d like to introduce you all to my most favourite – Dimuthu Sahabandu.

Dimuthu Sahabandu

Dimuthu had a short stint of education at the Academy of Design before heading to Singapore to complete his BA in Fashion Design at the LaSalle College of Fashion and Design. He then interned with one of the leading fashion designers of our country before deciding taking a leap of faith and deciding on carving his own niche in the industry. 

As someone who has seen his work for the past four years or so, it’s truly a wonderful experience. I’ve seen his creativity grow like no other. His individuality is so unique because he draws inspiration from those that are close to home or heart. His designs don intricate bead and thread work as well a couple of embellishments and floral add ons, on dream like fabric that gives each look a sense of sensuality and feminity. The colour palettes and silhouettes have changed over the years but that keeps his collections interesting as always and something to look forward to. Whilst this year’s collection included bold reds and fiery golds, his previous collection which was showcased at last year’s Fashion Week was somewhat light and easy on eyes with airy silhouettes and texture that trult captured the feminine essence.

Gorgeous pastels

The underlying source of inspiration for Dimuthu Sahabandu’s S/S 2013 collection was the ancient mirror wall poetry of the fallen Kingdom, Sigiriya. The ancient graffiti of Sigiriya consists of extremely sensuous paintings of the ruling King Kasyapa’s many wives. Their beauty and diversity in complexion are notable.

Plum purple
Striking royal purple

The poetry documented on the polished lime plastered ‘mirror wall’ describes the beauty of the King’s wives, comparing them to exotic flowers and various wonders of nature. The source of inspiration for this exotic and elegant collection is derived from these unique pieces of ancient Sri Lankan literature.

Golden goddess
Intricate details
In the air

Model – Maneesha Perera
Photographer – Anushika Fernando
Hair & Makeup – Dil Sapukotanage
Follow him on http://i.instagram.com/dimuthu_sahabandu/ for updates on his latest designs and collections! 

Last look back

Dimuthu Sahabandu’s collections are available exclusively at Melache, No. 29/3 Visaka Pvt Road, Colombo 04.