Guerlain La Collection Aqua Allegoria review

Oh yeah, September has been a month of reviewing products! I received this beautiful perfume gift set and didn’t try out until a few weeks ago. The Guerlain La Collection Aqua Allegoria is known to be a continuously renewed collection that pays homage to the wonders of nature and beautiful raw materials. According to the main website, it includes delicate and cheerful fragrances that represent sweet and happy moments. Each spring, a new limited-edition Aqua Allegoria joins the four legendary permanent creations.

Guerlain perfume set
Guerlain perfume set

Let me start off by saying that the packaging is too cute for words. I just love mini gift sets like this because extra attention to detail turns out to be beautiful. Sticking to the wonders of nature, there’s plenty of green images added to the front look of the collection whereas the back of it showcases the four little bottles that is included in it. The bee motif is something that is highlighted in the outer package of each bottle in the colour that represents the individual fragrance. The top of the bottle itself also features the bee motif as well as the honeycomb in gold. The bad side of this bottle is that it is a bit difficult to open and I do not like the missing spray feature. Instead what it holds is a glass needle sort of feature that dips into the fragrance and you have to use to apply onto the neck or wrist. Not my favourite thing to do.

The outer look and bottles inside
The outer look and bottles inside

Here’s a comprehensive description of the four fragrances that came in my mini gift set:

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca: A real herbal green scent. It begins with the very green and citrusy top note of clover leaf – a lovely good-luck charm – and Italian lemon. Its heart is composed of spearmint and green tea. The very floral dry-down reveals lily of the valley, cyclamen and pear flower.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune: One of the beacon grapefruit renditions in the whole of perfumery. Pamplelune opens with citrusy notes of vibrant and velvety grapefruit accompanied by bergamot. Its energetic heart features the unusual pairing of neroli and petit grain married with blackcurrant bud. Its dry-down reveals an extreme sensuality thanks to the presence of patchouli and vanilla. A proud survivor, it’s still in production.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Bianca: All the marvels of the bitter orange tree are united here: flowers, fruits and branches. Top notes feature bitter orange essence and petite grain extracted from the branches. At the heart, the flower reveals the essence of neroli and orange blossom absolute. The enveloping base succumbs to white musk, white amber and cedar wood.

The Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Flora Rosa is a relatively new fragrance that was introduced last year. Nothing about this fragrance turns up on the main website which is quite a disappointment. This was however a limited edition release which is probably why it doesn’t show up but anyhow, it is a fresh and lively interpretation on the rose blossom, Jean Paul Guerlain’s favourite flower, and is boosted by other floral anchoring notes to give it duration and depth. Top note is red berries; middle notes are rose and iris; base note is musk.

I’ve tried and tested all four and I have to admit I’m more of a citrus-y fragrance type of person so the Pamplelune lands first place amongst the four. The least favourite would have to be the Nerolia Bianca quite sadly because the bitterness of the fragrance hits stronger than the others.

Have you tried anyone of these fragrances or others introduced by Guerlain? Do let me know in your comments below 🙂




Duleeka Rathnayake
Duleeka Rathnayake

One certainly can’t get enough of beautiful batik, silk and handloom designs. Incorporating all these textures and styles is the new fashion label Redpierrot, the brainchild of Duleeka Ratnayake. A qualified designer having graduated from the University of Moratuwa’s School of Design, she loves experimenting with both silks and cottons to create her original designer batiks and nature inspired vibrant handlooms. The following are excerpts from an interview.

What or who inspires you, as a person and as a designer?
I am inspired by late British designer Alexander McQueen who had a unique sense of style. I am also inspired by Mrs. Yolanda Aluvihare, who is one of my favourite Sri Lankan designers. I learnt a lot about the industry from her when I was completing my internship after university. As a person, I am inspired by the endless bounties that nature offers.

Inspired by nature
Inspired by nature

Have you always had an artistic flair?
As long as I remember, I have always liked to draw and paint things that caught my interest. I started drawing as a child and my love for capturing the beauty of nature is an integral part of who I am. I love to use bold colours and patterns which I often borrow from natures greatest gifts – flowers, birds and especially butterflies.

What or who has inspired you and how easy/difficult is this to translate into clothes?
I grew up loving nature and her colour palette has been part of my inspiration. My work is also inspired by the wonderful traditions that are representative of the culturally and historically rich Kandyan era. Combining rich cultural dimensions with an equally diverse array of colours is a challenge which I enjoy very much.

For every woman
For every woman

Would you say that your designs are for everyone? Women of every age?
I design clothes for modern women who appreciate comfort and style. My designs transcend traditional boundaries.

What drives you and what do you like to do in your free time?
My hobby is and has always been fashion designing. I am very lucky that now it has become my chosen career. In my free time, between designing and running my boutique, I love to experiment with cooking.

Family or career first?
Buddhism teaches us to walk the middle path. I will always try to balance my career and my family.

What are your future plans?
I have long road ahead. Eventually, I want to expand my work and explore new design techniques and innovative ways of doing things. These days, I am experimenting with new techniques for different kinds of material.

What’s the inspiration behind the name Redpierrot?
The Redpierrot is a small yet strikingly beautiful butterfly found in our home gardens. It was the inspiration behind the very first saree I designed when I was studying fashion design at the University of Moratuwa. Having completed the design, I realized that it was a unique branding opportunity and ‘Redpierrot’ was born.

One of a kind
One of a kind

What makes your designers unique and unlike others on the market?
Handloom material and custom made garments may not be a new concept. However, my designs are exclusive and created using eco-friendly and sustainable material. I also like to design my clothes based on themes from nature. Women of all ages come to my boutique for custom designed sarees and other garments and it shows that people appreciate what I am doing.

Redpierrot is located at 17/4A, Stratford Avenue, Gandhara Street, Colombo 6.

*As published on the Ceylon Today newspapers*

Jumpsuit ready!

I think we’re heading back in time. Whenever I see a new trend pop up on a fashion site, I find myself teleporting back in time. Whether it’s the floral prints, the hobo chic babe look, the crop tops and or even the latest jumpsuit fad, it’s all looks and trends that’s coming back from the past.

Solid tones

In Sri Lanka we’re still not ready for the jumpsuit look but you’ll find similar pants and crop tops finding their way here and there. It’s not an easy to look to carry off if you haven’t looked at how it was styled in the yesteryears. It gives a very aloof and chic look overall, something I feel not many locals can carry. For the most part, I suppose a simple solid coloured jumpsuit is a good start. Suits in solid blacks, navy blues, hot reds and even royal purples are a good choice to turn to.


On the other hand there are also the adorable and summery florals and other prints like the ones shown above. Now these can be work both ways; on short as well as long jumpsuits. Which one is best, depends on how you carry yourself and occasion. On a hot sunny day you can possibly don a short floral jumpsuit but for an evening out perhaps a solid long navy would be more fitting.

Then there are the ones with strappy sleeves, short sleeves and no sleeves. Yet again, which is best suited depends on your comfort zone and the occasion. A light jacket can spruce the look up or perhaps a cotton shawl might do the trick for a movie out with the girls.

Choose your footwear wisely
Choose your footwear wisely

Pairing your jumpsuit with the right accessories is also very important. You can opt for flats or heels – while the former will be ideal for a day time look, the latter will oomph the look and give it a very sophisticated look. Keep your jewellery simple for jumpsuits. Nothing too overbearing really, so a single thread necklace, a few solid bangles on the wrist and hoop earrings should do the trick for most occasions.

The choices are endless really - florals, prints and stripes!
The choices are endless really – florals, prints and stripes!

When it comes to handbags, you can opt for cross-body types or clutches. Mix prints with these to create a funky look and stand out from the crowd. A solid one with a printed jumpsuit, a printed one with a solid jumpsuit or even switch it all up if you’re feeling daring enough to go with it!

As published in the Ceylon Today newspapers 🙂


Beat the tropical heat!

Yes, it gets pretty hot and blaring in my country. Sri Lanka is one of the many Asian country’s that experiences a lot of heat throughout the year so you always have to be prepared to dress up accordingly. Our people mainly focus on keeping a casual chic look during the day because one tends to get hot and sweaty at random times if the humidity level rises. Many of the clothing brands and labels available therefore tend to focus on easy-going, light and airy type of wear. Here’s an in-depth read about one that recently launched a range of lovely tropical linens.

Chic summer linens
Chic summer linens

Flavoured by the tropics and swathed by the exotic beauty of an island where the sun, sand and sea is undoubtedly a way of life, COCO Linens is all about comfort. Hot Sri Lankan summers paint beautiful hues of a colourful tropical paradise, insisting that the golden sun and balmy breezes enliven a feel of freedom with friendliness. COCO Linens infuses that feel of freedom into a range of solid and printed linen dresses, shorts, crops, palazzo pants and maxi skirts. Simply ‘Flirt with Linen’ and don absolute comfort as you slip into a printed shift dress or feel stylish in pleated or embroidered linens, some embellished with pintucks. Being in Vogue, is the hallmark of COCO Linens, which gives you the option of being hot and snazzy or cool and charming or even a little bit of both at the same time. But being flirty is not just for the ladies, COCO Linens also instils an elegant casualness to the man who wants to be stylishly cool.  Get in with the earthy tones of whites, camel and havana, create a jaunty air in tango or yellow or be the maverick in printed linens of turquoise and pinks. Going ethnic with kurtas can be an option, while adding a dash of dapper with a coterie of tropical hued shirts into the wardrobe of the man about town, is surely compulsory in the style files. A linen collection for cute little ones is also available, ensuring that shopping at Cotton Collection is a fashionable experience for all age groups. Let COCO Linens flirt with your style, tweak your imagination and create a space for your unique individuality.  Embrace the island life; be cool, be hot, be chic, be swanky. Make COCO Linens your lifestyle, and live life passionately in this island in the sun.

COCO Linens are available at Cotton Collection, No. 143 Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 07.

A Story in Print

As you all already know, I tend to waltz over to Odel whenever I want simply because it’s so close to my home. I don’t necessarily buy something on every trip but I do like to have an idea of what’s new in store, what’s trending and get that good shopping vibe. I did however buy two printed palazzo pants the other day but I’ll save that for another post!

For today, I just wanted to feature the new look and in house magazine titled ‘A Story in Print’. On behalf of the print on print look that’s trending right now, I just love how they’ve worked it throughout the decor of the store. All the mannequins have such cool and funky looks which I love but I know half of what I wouldn’t be able to pull off on my own.

Look of the magazine
Look of the magazine


So the magazine highlights the current trend and also gives the reader an idea of how they can get the look as well by mixing simple and easy prints together. I don’t find too many Sri Lankans experimenting with looks but I know this trend is something that can be well received especially because we are from a tropical country and prints are a great representation of who we are.

I’m still favouring florals the most but I do however have a little liking towards leopard prints. I’m not into zebra and other type of animal prints however for my looks simply because it’s a bit tougher to pair with my ethnic wear.

Go tropical!
Go tropical!


I’ve already talked about how this trend can be paired so I’m not going to get into that again. However, for those in Sri Lanka, I think it would be a good idea to go on and grab this magazine (it is FREE after all) because it does have some good pointers and also gives you an idea of what’s new in store and its prices.

I do want to say that the store leans towards being pricey but that doesn’t seem to stop everyone from going there and making a purchase of any sort. Besides clothes and accessories, Odel does house a couple more stuff including books, household items, kids items and awesome Sri Lankan souvenirs.

Competition time!
Competition time!

If you like taking part in competition, this one’s certainly right up our alley! If you’re unable to read the instructions, do check out their Facebook page for more details.

Have a great day all! 🙂



Summer trending prints

Are you seeing the prints on  prints trend this summer? 

People aren’t so daring in my country but occasionally you’d find someone mixing one print with another. Almost always, it doesn’t look well put together or suitable for the occasion. So, how does one pull off this trend? 

Two ways to it

Here are two contrasting looks. On the left one you’ll see stripes mixed with animal prints. On the right it’s polka dots mixed with polka dots. These are two ways of mixing prints to create a stylish look. You could mix two contrasting prints against one another with a solid in between or work with two light similar prints. As you can see, the polka dots aren’t too heavy on the eyes and the base colours complement one another (white and black). Typical colours that are often paired together.

The floral trend still continues so take a look at how it can be worn with more prints. 

Stripes and florals

One way of working florals is to pair a larger print with a smaller print. Do this in different ways. Your shirt can be of tiny cherry blossom print and skinny jeans in a bolder and larger print. Perhaps even the colours could complement one another. Another way to do it would be to pair florals with animal prints. For this, it’s best to stick to a similar colour palette on the top and bottom like seen in the picture – above middle one.  You could also don a bright printed dress and accessorise with another print to highlight your entire contrasting outfit. This is certainly the most daring of all ways to pair prints with prints. 

Plaid and florals

The trick is to not look overdone or too flamboyant. It’ll kill the complete look and your fashionista image. Stick to the guidelines and you’ll be good to go. I’m not daring enough to try to mix prints as yet but I sure would love to pretty soon.

Have a great day everyone! Xoxo