Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance mist review

My current obsession!

I know this is not a new favourite and there are probably a million others like me out there who would love this as much as I do but I got to admit I really wanted to at least have a quick short post about it.

This is one of Bath and Body Works’ signature scents. I’m also a huge fan of their White Citrus fragrance but this one certainty takes the cake for being subtle and yet sensual at the same time.
With notes of pear, Japanese cherry blossom and cedarwood, it adds a very light but refreshing fragrance with jus one spritz and I got it in the travel size so I love carrying it about with me whenever I go.

What are your favourite fragrances from Bath and Body Works? 🙂


NYX Butter Lipstick review

Mary Janes

I love most products by NYX Cosmetics but I’m a newbie when it comes to trying out their range of butter lipsticks.

I got myself the shade Mary Janes especially because I’ve been loving reds recently. Application is quite smooth and colour pigmentation is spot on. There is no need to keep reapplying this because you get a good coverage in one go which makes it more than ideal for long wear and also travel.

This is the only lipstick I carried with me to Malaysia and I wore it every morning and didn’t need to reapply at any point of the day. This range doesn’t have any fragrance in particular which was a slight disappointment for me as I like fragrances in my lip products. 

Packaging isn’t so great. It’s mostly plastic and at the centre one can see the product colour which makes it easy to select if you’ve got plenty of shades stored together. But after a couple of uses it gets a little messy with bits of the product on the packaging as you can tell in the image above.
How would I rate this product?  I think I’d give it a 4 out of 5 and this is mainly because of the poor and cheap packaging but otherwise I do like it.


The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Body Scrub review

This has definitely been a year for trying out body scrubs of all sorts and fragrances for me. I ain’t complaining, I’ve loved trying out so many and have come to really love some of them. Earlier this year, I was dying over the Body Shop Blueberry Body Scrub which was sadly a limited edition product. I wanted to eat it the moment I opened the tub because it smelt so damn good. This one’s nearly as good.


The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Body Scrub is made nearly the same way the blueberry one was, as in it has a very gel like gooey consistency. I love this about the scrub. I don’t like it being too heavy and harsh and as a gel scrub, it’s very light and easy to lather all over the body and then get on to the scrubbing.

Now to be quite honest, I do not know what actually Argan oil smells like but in the form of this scrub, woaaaah it’s beautiful! Yes, I said beautiful. It’s the kind of fragrance that settles between a nut and a flower in my opinion. I don’t know if that makes sense to any of you, because reading back it doesn’t make any sense to me but you kind of get the gist of it right? Hope so!

PicMonkey Collage

I love lathering this on because of its cool gel-ness. You can also tell the oil really does it job as you start scrubbing all over and the grains get working. There is an afterglow people, yes afterglow and it just makes you want to just stay in the shower and use it all over again. I’m very careful with this one because I don’t want to finish it too soon like the last one. Thankfully I did get myself two but…. I’m still careful. At night, I head over to the bathroom, open up the scrub tub and take a whiff of it simply because the fragrance is so unique and lovable.

As for it’s ingredients and whatnots, you know how the Body Shop works and you know they only use natural organic ingredients. This one is a sure keeper. I’ve also got the shower gel in the same range but somehow I’m not in love with that as much as the scrub. I dunno what it is though but oh well!

I bought my stash of Body Shop in Saudi but you can buy yours online in the US and UK.

If you’ve tried this, let me know what you think of it in the comments below! Xoxo

Guerlain La Collection Aqua Allegoria review

Oh yeah, September has been a month of reviewing products! I received this beautiful perfume gift set and didn’t try out until a few weeks ago. The Guerlain La Collection Aqua Allegoria is known to be a continuously renewed collection that pays homage to the wonders of nature and beautiful raw materials. According to the main website, it includes delicate and cheerful fragrances that represent sweet and happy moments. Each spring, a new limited-edition Aqua Allegoria joins the four legendary permanent creations.

Guerlain perfume set
Guerlain perfume set

Let me start off by saying that the packaging is too cute for words. I just love mini gift sets like this because extra attention to detail turns out to be beautiful. Sticking to the wonders of nature, there’s plenty of green images added to the front look of the collection whereas the back of it showcases the four little bottles that is included in it. The bee motif is something that is highlighted in the outer package of each bottle in the colour that represents the individual fragrance. The top of the bottle itself also features the bee motif as well as the honeycomb in gold. The bad side of this bottle is that it is a bit difficult to open and I do not like the missing spray feature. Instead what it holds is a glass needle sort of feature that dips into the fragrance and you have to use to apply onto the neck or wrist. Not my favourite thing to do.

The outer look and bottles inside
The outer look and bottles inside

Here’s a comprehensive description of the four fragrances that came in my mini gift set:

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca: A real herbal green scent. It begins with the very green and citrusy top note of clover leaf – a lovely good-luck charm – and Italian lemon. Its heart is composed of spearmint and green tea. The very floral dry-down reveals lily of the valley, cyclamen and pear flower.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune: One of the beacon grapefruit renditions in the whole of perfumery. Pamplelune opens with citrusy notes of vibrant and velvety grapefruit accompanied by bergamot. Its energetic heart features the unusual pairing of neroli and petit grain married with blackcurrant bud. Its dry-down reveals an extreme sensuality thanks to the presence of patchouli and vanilla. A proud survivor, it’s still in production.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Bianca: All the marvels of the bitter orange tree are united here: flowers, fruits and branches. Top notes feature bitter orange essence and petite grain extracted from the branches. At the heart, the flower reveals the essence of neroli and orange blossom absolute. The enveloping base succumbs to white musk, white amber and cedar wood.

The Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Flora Rosa is a relatively new fragrance that was introduced last year. Nothing about this fragrance turns up on the main website which is quite a disappointment. This was however a limited edition release which is probably why it doesn’t show up but anyhow, it is a fresh and lively interpretation on the rose blossom, Jean Paul Guerlain’s favourite flower, and is boosted by other floral anchoring notes to give it duration and depth. Top note is red berries; middle notes are rose and iris; base note is musk.

I’ve tried and tested all four and I have to admit I’m more of a citrus-y fragrance type of person so the Pamplelune lands first place amongst the four. The least favourite would have to be the Nerolia Bianca quite sadly because the bitterness of the fragrance hits stronger than the others.

Have you tried anyone of these fragrances or others introduced by Guerlain? Do let me know in your comments below 🙂