New pieces of jewellery 

I’ve been collecting sea shells for years and I’ve got a good collection from all parts of my little island. I’ve sort of run out of where to keep them all so I asked my friend to create pieces of jewellery for me out of some of them. The following three images show three different pieces but I’ve a total of ten new pieces.

Gorgeous wristlet


Layered necklace


Stunning ring



New buys from ALKE!


There were newbies out by ALKE a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t help myself…. so I bought three new necklaces 😀

What I really like about this handmade jewellery site is that the items can be personalised, making them one of a kind. The owner is a close friend of mine which also makes things a lot easier for me. I have been finding it difficult to get long length necklaces for myself and so she customised a few pieces to suit my taste. Take a look!




All three beautiful pieces costed me a total of Rs. 1,700 which is pretty darn decent. Surprisingly, my husband (who does not like costume jewellery and anything of that sort) loves all three of these pieces as well (yay me :D).


DODO Footwear



It was just about time that someone decided to locally manufacture a solid and high quality pair of shoes in my country. It’s not that the men in Sri Lanka do not enjoy shopping abroad for essentials (because they do!) but it’s also says something when a pair of shoes are locally handcrafted and manufactured for the market.

The trio at Zealous have been busy developing a handcrafted loafer, to be made in Sri Lanka for some time now and launched their first mens footwear collection last December. All raw materials from the sole to the handloom fabric are locally sourced and put together in Colombo. Seeing as each shoe is handcrafted, this has allowed them some liberty on how the final product truly is more than the sum of its parts. From leather to the label that nestles underneath the heel, the trio have put in a little more thought into every part that makes up a Dodo Footwear


The handloom industry is currently regarded to be in a slump in Sri Lanka, not because the artisans lack trade craft or skills but because they lack proper channels to display and market their craft to a new market, be it local or international. The trio behind Dodo intend on changing this by developing products that satisfy the expectations of the modern consumer while preserving what makes each handcrafted product unique.

Our focus is providing a truly handcrafted product to each one of our customers because at Zealous, quality always trumps quantity.


I find the footwear to be made of the best of quality and the attention to detail is also impeccable. They are a solid and comfortable pair of mens footwear and I hear they are also in the process of creating a line for women as well.

Prices start at Rs. 3,500 for each pair and one can also opt to pick a different colour from their colour chart to personalise their Dodo footwear.


For more information, check out their Facebook page!



Newbies from ALKE

Did I forget to mention that December is the month I go bonkers and bust up pretty much my entire bank account? In case I didn’t, there, I said it.

Sunday was the Colombo Design Market and I thought it would be nice to take my mum along with me to have a look at the stuff. She didn’t thoroughly enjoy it but my wallet certainly did. I ended up busting more cash on two beautiful handmade necklaces and an adorable notebook.

Tear-drop pendant necklace


Seashell pendant necklace











Aren’t these buys great? Yeah this is what I tell myself when I look at my empty wallet… sigh… but I do love these items very much and hey, I thought I’d gift myself a few things this year especially because my little in-house business has also been doing really well. Yay me!

So the two necklaces are by ALKE but unfortunately I cannot remember at which stall I got the adorable ice-cream notebook. It’s like the cutest thing ever and I’m going to be using it for something special, which I will mention sometime soon – this week possibly. As for the necklaces, I do not own anything like these two and well, I do like long ones because short ones do not show on my because of the shawls (scarves) I wear on a daily basis. I had my eye on the seashell necklaces for quite some time and I found the perfect opportunity to get myself one at the design market. As for the tear-drop pendant one, it was too cute to miss. It’s super long in comparison but I love that fact and I love the light airy pink shade of the pendant very much. I most definitely can pair these two with pretty much any daily casual outfit which is a definite plus point.

I think I should control my purchasing urges from now on. Sigh, yes. Okay.




A girl like me can’t say no to a bit of surfing through Facebook jewellery pages, especially the ones that are home and hand made. I am always amazed at the creativity and uniqueness of the pieces created. Today’s post is about a page I came across earlier this week: Minnie.


Minnie is a vivacious brand that offers items ranging from clothing to accessories and lots of other fun things in between.







Every item is designed to make a bold statement and almost all designs will probably never be made again….Plus you’ll never know what’s coming next.








They try to be as sustainable and as ethical as possible by sourcing local fabrics, finding great local tailors, incorporating local crafts and sometimes, designing up-cycled goods with waste materials. Apart from the outsourcing of tailoring and fabrics, ‘Minnie’ is 99% homemade & handmade.

As of now, you can check out the available items, which are one of a kind, and make orders via their Facebook page.

Happy shopping!




Unique handmade designer jewellery
Unique handmade designer jewellery

I had a fetish once for handmade jewellery. That was all I wore and was interesting in buying whenever I went shopping. This fetish has somehow toned down a bit over the years however but I do appreciate hand-crafted jewellery every now and then.

Recently I came across a new handmade jewellery brand that was initiated by a very close office colleague of mine. ALKE is all about jewellery, restoring and repairing your all time favourites. I’m not all too sure about the restoring and repairing part of her business but her handmade products are beautiful and truly one of a kind.

Take a dip in the ocean
Take a dip in the ocean

I love that her pieces of jewellery are unlike others found available here in Sri Lanka. Who would have thought a gold sprayed sea shell pendant necklace would look so cool with a day look? I just love this piece and perhaps will get my hands on it very soon!

I’m also a huge earrings fan and she makes these lovely woven thread earrings, that also go along the lines of having a ombre and mixed toned look. Her bead and wire pendants are a huge rave and I find them to be extremely chic because of the pop of colour beneath the wrapped around wire. The pearls are mixed in colour as well which add a very unique look to it on the whole.

Bead and wire pendants
Bead and wire pendants
Woven thread earrings
Woven thread earrings

I don’t usually wear much on my wrists but I do love the occasional bangle or two and her handmade ones are striking pieces. They’re made of woven thread around the circular hoop and then further topped with gold wire to give it an additional pop of colour and chicness. So cool!

Pop of colour
Pop of colour

So if you want to get your hands on any of these beauties, head over to her Facebook page and drop an inbox message or email her at 🙂

Have a great day everyone! Xoxo