Things that hurt… 

On a random hour of the day, I’d lay a mat on the floor, lie down and do a bit of thinking. 

I think of the good things in life, happy and fond memories. I’d also come to realize that a few of these happy memories tend to hurt. 

There’s an ache in my heart and somewhere deep within in me I’m in pain. Deep nostalgic pain. 

It hurts to think of friends who’ve migrated or I’m not in touch with anymore. I ache recalling the long phone calls and endless laughter over stupid things. It saddens me to remember the little sweet things we’d done together. 

It’s all come to an end. 

And the happy memories do hurt. 

Never change 


Are unhappy with the way you have been created? I kinda thought I was until I realized that the negativity wasn’t coming from within me…. It’s easy to be fooled by those around and close to us and fall prey to what they say especially if we put our trust in them. If they are the type of people who find fault in you and make you feel bad for being who you are, they don’t deserve to be a part of your life. Be happy with the way you are. Never change just to please someone else. 


I am more awake and aware at night…right now for example. Yes, my thoughts also pour in at night. This is not unusual though…. I know others who feel the same way. My creative juices pour out at this time of night and I’ve actually written some of my best pieces at dead of night. I guess it’s the peace and quiet that gets to me. I find it comforting and I find myself open and more confident. This is my happy time 😊