White Sandal Facial Cleansing Oil review

New skin care product!
New skin care product!



Yes, the tropical heat can be very drying on your skin. Even when it rains heavily in Sri Lanka, the humidity level rises causing a lot of drying so us Lankans have to be extra careful with our face and body.

I’ve been using a sample of the White Sandal Facial Cleansing Oil by Spa Ceylon for a couple of months. I received it along with four other products as a gift after attending an event. Now a cleansing oil was something new to me and for the most part I used it at night to take off my eyeliner and lip colour. It really helped clean my skin and not leave it dry so I thought of investing in a larger sized bottle of the same.

Description – This is an extra-hydrating and deep cleansing formula with 100% pure precious sandalwood oil to help gently lighten, brighten and illuminate skin. Green olive and soya help dissolve impurities and effectively remove make-up, while naturally anti-oxidant virgin coconut and sweet almond nourish and hydrate skin. Sandalwood, rice bran and natural vitamins help improve overall skin health, while avocado help soothe and refresh skin. The invigorating aroma of sandalwood helps warm and brighten the senses.



Even though I had been using it mostly as a makeup removal product, I noticed how it also hydrated my skin and kept it fresh looking all the time. To use, you need to apply all over face, neck and eye area. Gently massage and wipe off with cotton or warm wet towel. I use cotton pads to do this because I do not like to completely take it off. I like leaving it on my face very lightly for a good half an hour before I finally rinse it off with warm water.

I love the formula because even though it is an oil, it doesn’t look too layered and plastered on my skin. It helps to pat a cotton pad all over and leave it on to do its magic. The fragrance is something I love about it too. The sandalwood isn’t as apparent as you’d think it would be. I’d have to say that the almond fragrance is a much stronger note in this product, which is not a bad thing at all.

This is very easy to use and you don’t need a lot of product either. It’s got a tube like top that works like a mini suction so all you have to do it squeeze the little tube pump. It doesn’t collect a lot of product on to the glass tube but this is a good thing because you do not need a lot of it. I use two light squeezes of product on my face.

Since I’ve got myself a bigger bottle, I use it twice a day when I feel like my skin is too dry and on other days just before going to bed at night.

Would I purchase this again? Oh yeah!

Detox Spa Indulgence range

New spa goodies!
New spa goodies!

I’m so excited! My weekend just got a whole lot better when I realized the packaged delivered to me this afternoon was from my favourite spa in town – Spa Ceylon Ayurveda!

They’ve just launched a new range of bath and body spa products and I’ve been given a spa indulgence set to try out – yay me! As the tagline goes, these products are a natural detox for absolute wellness. This is a range of natural detox formulae infused with powerful Ayurveda herbs, purifying Indian Ocean minerals and Ceylonese essential oils. This range of products helps draw out harmful toxins, deep seated impurities and negative energies from the skin, and promote purity and natural balance. Sounds oh so relaxing!

The entire range includes the Sarvavishadi Body Treatment Oil, Citrus Brown Sugar Crystal Gel Hair Remover, Red Sandalwood Protective Body Essence, Eucalyptus Bath and Shower Gel, Hot Sugar Warming Body Scrub, Ceylon Coffee Body Polish Gel and the Bamboo Charcoal Body Pac.

My little indulgence gift set includes the Hot Sugar Body Scrub, Ceylon Coffee Body Polish Gel, Eucalyptus Bath and Shower Gel, Red Sandalwood Protective Body Essence and the Bamboo Charcoal Body Pac.

The cute gift bag
The cute gift bag

As always, their indulgence gift sets come in the most adorable gift bags and this one’s no different. This makes for the ideal carry-on bag for all these cute little items and I love taking them with me especially when I travel.

So let’s move on to each of the products shall we?

Hot Sugar Body Scrub

20141107_155423Description – This is a unique exfoliating treatment enriched with minerals to assist in drawing out harmful toxins and deep seated impurities from the skin. Natural cane sugar crystals, deep-acting Indian ginseng and purifying flowers of zinc are combined with mineral clays to warm and purify the body, clearing clogged pores, removing dead skin cells and smoothing the skin. Sandalwood and ginger promote overall skin cell renewal and helps balance the skin.

Sounds quite lovely doesn’t it? Now, I’d love to use this after a long day of work or even after hours working at my laptop at home. I’m a huge fan of body scrubs because the grainy texture does wonders on my skin – removing the dead skin cells and smoothing everything else out so I have no doubt that this would do the same. It is best used twice weekly, all over the body, legs and also hands. Apply lumps of the scrub into skin and massage in circular motion until a warming heat is felt. Extra rough areas like elbows and knees could use a little extra of this scrub. Rinse off only when the scrub cools down.


Ceylon Coffee Body Polish Gel


Description – This includes a natural formula blended with detoxing Ayurveda herbs, minerals and essentials oils. The powerful blend of pure Ceylon coffee, turmeric, kokum bark and Indian gooseberry helps purify and draw out toxins from the skin. The unique crystal complex of pure sugar beads, ocean salts and kokum butter exfoliates, smoothens and polishes the body. Virgin coconut oil, rice bran and almond help nourish, hydrate and revitalize, instantly revealing softer, more radiant looking skin. This product helps clarify and balance the senses.

Now if you’ve used the Body Shop Blueberry Gel Scrub, you’ll totally understand what this product would be and feel like. It’s got all the benefits of a scrub but the texture (apart from being grainy) has a very jelly like gel texture to it. This actually makes it a bit sloppy to apply but I am yet to find out about this particular product so let’s not get waaaay ahead of ourselves.This doesn’t say how often it should be used but I’m guessing twice or thrice weekly should be fine. Use it especially on the rough areas of the body as well as discoloured spots. Simply rinse off and pat dry.


Bamboo Charcoal Body Pac

20141107_155347Description – This body pac gives a complete and natural purifying treatment and helps in drawing out harmful toxins and deep seated impurities from the skin. The blend of carbon-rich natural bamboo charcoal, deep acting mineral clays and red sandalwood helps clear clogged pores, remove excess oil and deep cleanse the skin. Calumba wood, margosa and kokum bark help purify the skin and draw our toxins even further and promote natural balance. Sweet almond, virgin coconut and pure bees honey hydrate, nourish and protect, while antiseptic eucalyptus helps soothe, clear and refresh.

To me, this sounds the most perfect product of all, thanks to the eucalyptus. That is the fragrance that hits the senses first and then the red sandalwood begins to sink in. This too can be used twice weekly. Apply a thick layer all over the body and then leave it on for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, massage lightly and rinse off with milk and water. I’d skip the milk routine because that could make things get a bit messy but it does give a very clean and fresh after effect. I can definitely see myself using this purely because I love the texture of body pacs. I used to use a Margosa Body Pac by Spa Ceylon some years ago but sadly they discontinued it. Hopefully, this should make up for the loss.


Eucalyptus Bath and Shower Gel


Description – This is a powerful and purifying formula that assist in drawing out harmful toxins and deep seated impurities from the skin. Purifying turmeric, camphor, margosa, indigo and calumba wood help remove excess oil, deep cleanse, protect and improve overall balance. organic aloe vera cools the entire body system, while coconut, sweet almond and olive gently nourish the skin. Antiseptic eucalytus helps soothe, clear and refresh the mind and body.

I have an awesome feeling that this is going to be another huge favourite of mine, just because of the amazing fragrance. The eucalyptus does come across as a bit too strong but I can obviously tone that down by using less protect during a bath. I love margosa and calumba wood too so I know this is going to be a great job in what they say it does do. I can’t wait to go on and use this and then purchase the large size bottle of shower gel.


Red Sandalwood Protective Body Essence



Description – This is an extra light day treatment to protect the skin from harmful toxins and harsh environmental factors. The blend of red sandalwood, turmeric, licorice and margosa helps protect the skin, diminish dark spots and improve skin discolouration. naturally caring aloe vera, rice bran, carrot and mango hydrate and nourish the skin while soothing witch hazel helps keep the skin radiantly fresh all day long. Aromatic lemon refreshes the senses.

The body essence has a more lotion like texture to it and so it’s best used after a shower. It’s not a thick and heavy type of one and like it says it’s a light day treatment for the skin. Again, I just love the fragrance of red sandalwood so I think this is going to be yet another favourite of mine. This too can be used twice daily, and needs to be nicely massaged onto the skin after a bath or shower and then reapplied at night. I do tend to like lotions and creams with a little bit of a heavier texture but thanks to the awesome fragrance I do think I’ll love this just the same.


So there you have it, my little review of the detox spa indulgence gift set. The entire range does have a few more items as mentioned in this post so do check them out.

Happy Sunday everyone!