My top favorite NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams 

L-R Milan, San Paulo and Monte Carlo. 

These are my most used and favourite lip creams by NYX Cosmetics. Milan does come off as quite light against my skin tone but I almost always mix it with a deep red to bring it to a nice rosy shade. 

San Paulo I wear on a daily basis. It’s become a shade I cannot do without and I almost feel quite bare and naked without it on my lips.

Monte Carlo is my go to for any night event, be it a social occasion or family function. It’s super long lasting and doesn’t wear off after a meal or glasses of water. Best wear and color payoff. 


NYX lip creams 

Bought myself these awesome NYX simply red lip creams in three shades. They are my absolute favourites simply because of the pigmentation and long lasting power. I could eat and drink, lick my lips and dab them with a napkin after a meal and it would still last on my lips. Love love love it! Got them in the shades Candy Apple, Maraschino and Russian Roulette. 


New lippie :D

I wish I could say it was a multiple word – lippies, instead of lippie – but I’d go broke if I did that because I’d want to pick over ten shades in total.

Before I ramble on let me explain what I’m talking about. I recently made an order for some of the Simply Lip Creams by NYX Cosmetics. I fell in love with the colours the minute they were up online but only was able to get my hands on them over the weekend. I bought a couple of extras for my little in-house business and told myself I’d keep ONE for myself. Just one. And so yes, that’s just it, I have all but one lippie to show off to you guys today.

Candy Apple
Candy Apple

The one I picked for myself is Candy Apply from the Simply Red Lip Cream range. NYX also has six shades in three other ranges – pinks, nudes and vamps. All of the vampy shades seem to be forever out of stock, the nudes are a tough pick online so I had to forgo that too and I’m considering buying XOXO from the pinks range. Tell me what you think 🙂

So, back to Candy Apple. On the main website the colour is described as a fuchsia red and I thought this was a colour I didn’t really own in my lippie collection. I do own reds but they are pure reds and blood reds for the most part; a fuchsia red sounded a lot more funky and something I could lightly apply on my lips for a day to day kind of look.


I tried it on today and wowieeee!!!! This is such a bold fuchsia type of red but I was instantly in love with it. I would say it’s a little much for a casual day wear look but if you happen to be heading to a fancy luncheon or big do, this would be more than ideal. I love the chunky stick packaging of the product, because you can use it like a pen and draw the colour onto your lips with a lot of ease unlike using a doe foot applicator (I still like that as well though). You can certainly tackle the edges of the lips and curves a lot better with this and find that you would never have to use a lip pencil either because the application is so precise.

There’s no need to sharpen the product once you start using it because you can twist the bottom. This I like very much as well. This way you can control how much product you’re using. As far as opacity and pigmentation goes, this is truly amazing. All you need is one or two swipes of the lip cream and you’re good to go because it applies so well and truly as shown on the packaging. I do not however understand why it is called a lip cream because these aren’t as creamy as the soft matte lip creams. These are no where close to those. These are simply hydrating and well pigmented lipsticks in my personal opinion.

They apply on matte so if you’re a matte lipstick fan, you’ll fall in love with these colours and the range. One little downside is that it easily transfers. I used a napkin to wipe some food off my lips – I dabbed but it got off quite a bit of colour from my lips which I was NOT thrilled about. However, this is long-wearing! I had it on my lips without any bleeding for a good 4+ hours.

I was also a teeny bit bummed that these do not have the same cake batter scent as do the soft matte lip creams. Maybe I am comparing them a bit too much but oh well the names are quite similar and I thought they would too to a certain extent. These do not have a scent at all which was a little disappointing for me. I like it when my lip products smell yummy and good, so this factor was another bummer.

Overall, I think it is a great product and I’m super thrilled there is a good selection of these available. As far as repurchasing more from this range, as said, I think I’d just go for one more colour (XOXO most likely) and leave it at all.


Xtreme Lip Cream review

2014 has been a year for experimenting with lip products and I must say I have found some holy grail favourites as well as some awful ones I will NOT ever be using. Today I’ll be reviewing the NYX Cosmetics Xtreme Lip Cream in Candy Land. I always pick just one colour when I am first trying out a new product just in case the texture isn’t right or the smell, or something! I happened to pick Candy Land which is quite a bright-like pink so here’s what I think about it:

Candy Land
Candy Land

Unlike the Soft Matte Lip Creams that have a super creamy texture, this one is actually creamy too but possibly slightly runnier. I don’t know how else to describe the texture because it did feel just like that upon application. Pigmentation is top knotch! I had to be pretty careful when applying this because you do not want to get an overload of the colour. The colour pay-off is a tad deeper than shown on the tube however even though I don’t know how that’s possible. Maybe that’s just because my lips are naturally pigmented.

Do NOT expect these to smell as cake batter like. This absolutely STINKS and totally put me off the minute I applied it on my lips. Something really has to be done about it because it totally put me off and I do not ever want to buy another colour in this range ever!!!! If I had to describe the smell I’d have to say its very plastic-y. Not something you’d want anywhere on your body.

Here it is applied onto my lips
Here it is applied onto my lips

Value for money – Yes

Colour pigmentation and pay-off – Amazing

Choice of colour in the range – Quite good

Fragrance – YUCK

Will I purchase again – HECK NO!

I wouldn’t repurchase it simply because the smell is a total put off. It really makes a huge difference when it smells awful and like I said, I do not want it anywhere on my body. Thankfully, the Soft Matte Lip Creams work waaaay better!

I’ve got a couple more product reviews coming up so if you like reading these types of posts, give it a thumbs up and leave a comment below! Thanks and have a great day everyone xoxo!