Top favourite lip products

I know I haven’t done any posts on beauty products as much recently so I thought I’d do a small post of my top favourite lip products. I don’t use that many but I do have my favourites and ones that I use quite frequently. Here I go:


NYX Cosmetics Colour Lip Balm in Grazie

I find this to be both hydrating as well as pigmented to a certain extent and gives me a pop of colour without much effort. I’m actually super sad that they discontinued this line and have another new one instead because it does not include the same colour I’m totally in love with. Grazie is like the perfect colour for a casual day out or when I am in a hurry. I can pop it in my bag and carry it anywhere with me and don’t eat a compact mirror to even touch up on the go.

Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo

NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo

This one’s a more recent favourite but I have been in love with the soft matte lip creams for some time now (everyone literally is!). It’s tough not to love the creamy texture and easy glide on application of this lip product and also the packaging itself. The colours are another story. There are many colours which I favour a lot but Monte Carlo tops it all because of it’s true red-ness. It packs in so much of colour in just one swipe and I love that I don’t need to touch up all that much after one application.

Plush Plum
Plush Plum

L’Oreal Colour Riche Balm in Plush Plum

I’ve got four shades in this range and I have to say the Plush Plum hits the mark right one. It’s not all too plumy and has a bit of a berry undertone as well and I love that it’s got a very hydrating balmy texture to it. I’ve pretty much run through this entire product and will definitely be buying another. I find that pairing this with more dressier outfits brings out a very sophisticated and glam look instead of during the day when it can sort of make you look overbearing.


NYX Creamy Round Lipstick in Milan

This is another new favourite but one of my top five. What NYX says, it certainly is and these lipsticks are super creamy to the touch. I sort of broke mine as I was using it but that doesn’t stop me. This colour is perfect for the day – not too bright and overbearing and not too dull. It’s pinky-ness really complements my skin tone which makes me love it even more. I’ll definitely be buying more of these in other shades very soon!


Elizabeth Arden Lipstick in Brick

For an extreme glammed up look, this is certainly the one I almost always pick. It’s kind of a blood red colour but also with a hint of brown to it. The texture is something I’m kind of getting used to because it’s not too creamy and not too drying. I love the sleek and stylish packaging of it though and also the colour pigmentation. It does tend to bleed a little bit after a meal or so, so it’s best paired with a lip pencil.


My pretty vanity set

My floral vanity set

Everyone has something or the other to store makeup and other whatnots. I’ve got this adorable floral vanity set. It’s got a curved head and five drawers to it that hold not all but some of my everyday makeup. I simply love it because of its oh so pretty colour and design and it sits perfectly at the corner of my dressing table, which is right next to the balcony window. This gives me perfect lighting when I need to apply makeup during the daytime.


Here is a quick look at some of my lippies in the third drawer. It includes my oh so favourite L’Oréal Colour Riche Balms, NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan, NYX Cosmetics Colour Balm in Grazie amongst a few others by Elizabeth Arden, Victoria’s Secret and Revlon.

Eye makeup

Here’s a look at my eye makeup including this fabulous mascara by Elizabeth Arden. I totally love it. I also love the Christian Dior eyeliner pencil which I use on a daily basis. This drawer also includes my most used eyeshadow quad by L’Oréal. It’s got lovely nude like colours which is perfect for every day wear.

Blush blush

The last drawer includes all my blushes. I don’t have that many just a handful by Elizabeth Arden, Rimmel and L’Oréal. This one I’ve highlighted is my favourite by EA. It’s got the most gorgeous shimmery colours perfect for a night out.

Hope you all enjoyed taking a peek into my vanity set. If you’ve got something similar do share or comment below and let me know 🙂

Pinks today

Favourite pinks

Going for pinks today in this picture – I realized I’ve not got that many to be quite honest.

What I’ve included:

My favourite fuchsia pink shawl from Westside, India
Pink bead earrings from Odel
Rose Gold blush by L’Oréal
A bright pink studded hair pin
My black and pink cosmetic case
Night Blooming Jasmine body lotion that I absolutely LOVE
High Shine lip gloss by Elizabeth Arden in Rose Gold as well
L’Oréal Colour Riche Balm in Heavenly Berry
Wet & Wild Mega Shield lip colour in It’s A Girl
And finally an eyeshadow palette by Elizabeth Arden that includes an amazing Golden Apple shadow

Will review each makeup item in time to come 🙂