What’s in my bag?


My bag isn’t always organised especially on an everyday basis but as I’m travelling, I’ve organised it in a way that I can carry a small bag but also have all the essentials I need. Take a look!

About my bag, it was a good from a very close family friend from Australia and it’s my first by Nine West. It’s got a long strap as well as a short handle and I’ve pretty much been using it both ways for convenience.

I’ve got my trusted ice cream notebook which has all the addresses of the places I want to visit while on holiday :D. A pen of course! Tissue, a pack of vicks for my throat, Violet Eyes hand lotion, Japanese Cherry Blossom travel size body mist, Tea Tree skin lotion, a travel toothbrush, a lipstick by NYX Cosmetics and an eyeliner by the same, hand sanitiser and a hair band. Whew!

What’s in your bag? 🙂

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion – review

The Body Shop - Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion
The Body Shop – Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion

Now as known, I’m not big on experimenting with skin care products but I have heard plenty about The Body Shop Tea Tree range to actually let down my guard a teeny bit and try out one or two of their products. I’ve only used the skin clearing lotion for about a week but I have to admit that I already like it.

The description on their site claim it be hydrating, easily absorbing, controls shine and is clinically proven to clear your skin (as in that it is suitable for blemished skin). Now I have a few blemishes on the side cheeks of my face – this happens when a pimple has broken out and it leaves light patches behind. I also tend to occasionally have a bit of oily skin around my t-zone. So there were such multiple reasons for me getting this product and trying it out.

I use it after cleansing my face and I only need a nut sized amount because it is a little runny-like and can be evenly applied on the face. At first I wasn’t accustomed to the smell of tea tree but I find that as the days go by it doesn’t bother me as much to be honest. Okie so, I apply it all over my face including a little bit towards my chin and especially on my blemished areas. In a matter of seconds, it dries out and gives you a matte finish. This I love. I was initially sceptical because I do not want a shinier look but no worries about that now. Since I started using it, I have seen a few results in the sense that my blemishes are lighter and my skin does feel hydrated. I use it once in the morning after my skin care routine and also sometimes during the mid afternoon if I feel like it. This is also partially because I went my face when I have to take ablution to pray.

Overall I have to say I am happy with this product and would recommend it to friends and family. I am also thinking about using the blemish fade night lotion but I might wait a while to try out another new product. Let me know in the comments below if you have used it and think it’s a product worth trying out.

Happy mid-week everyone! 😀